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They probably saw the Puerto Rico flag and assumed it was a weird looking confederate flag.


This happened in my city, someone had a Denmark flag outside their home and a group of “ladies” went and banged on their door and harangued them for flying a confederate flag.


When will the terrorism end?


>When will the ~~terrorism~~ tourism end? /s


Hopefully soon.


“Miss, you are in Denmark”


When will people become educated?


Its america, what education system lol


Right. It takes the best education system in the world to understand not shooting the shit outta people.


Our education system is more concerned with WHAT kids think instead of HOW they think.




Tomorrow probably


You mean the norwegian flag outside that hotel? Source im norwegian and i saw it in some news article, the danish flag is just red and white sp it cant have been that one


It might have been, but it was definitely a home


It was an inn, but maybe someone calls it a home. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.lansingstatejournal.com/amp/5502297002


It also happened to a home in [Seattle](https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/both-have-crosses-so-norwegian-flag-mistaken-for-confederate-flag/) >“Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N. I would love to know what this ‘means’ … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you.” >Darold Norman Stangeland lives at the corner house. >“That’s a Norwegian flag,” he says. “It’s been up there since the start of the Olympics.”


Did you see the last line of the article ? “Better hope the Russian bots don’t decide to repost their slightly altered version.” What the fuck is that shit ?


Mental illness.


The person who called the hot tip (Rebecca Morris) is a true crime new york times best selling author and former journalist and yet she couldn't be bothered to go double check if the guy a few doors down in her affluent Seattle neighborhood is hanging a flag symbolizing a rebellion that happened on the literal opposite side of the country before she ran to the news to try to whip up a public outrage mob. Because hey, if there's one thing Seattle is known for, its the massive number of southern rednecks living there, so its safe to assume that red flag you saw with some blue and white rectangles on it is almost certainly a confederate flag.


The Norwegian flag looks nothing like the Confederate flag. How dumb does someone have to be?


Dumb enough to get that pissed off over a stupid fucking flag in the first place is my guess


You're giving people too much credit.


Yo. The Danish flag is the oldest national flag in the world. Far older than any confederacy. Stupid ladies


How could you possibly confuse the two? How embarrassing.


This was at a [Puerto Rican Day parade](https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/puerto-rican-day-parade-returns-in-first-major-chicago-parade-since-start-of-pandemic/). There are enough Puerto Ricans in Chicago for people to know what that flag is. Also, probably a lot of people flying the same flag. I doubt this is it. **Edit**: https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2021/6/20/22542039/man-killed-woman-critically-injured-shooting-humboldt-park-police best news source I can find. No motive stated yet, but seems like it's just senseless violence for violence sake. **Edit 2**: https://i.imgur.com/5w0NoTb.jpg This is literally the street view where this happened. There are even Puerto Rican flags here so probably a Puerto Rican neighborhood.


I have been around that area dozens of times. It's near the border between the main Puerto Rican neighborhood and a black neighborhood. There's a 24-hour bus route a block away from the shooting that I used to take late at night. Some of those spots are really sketchy at night, especially near the park or by certain corners with liquor stores or shitty hole in the wall restaurants. I personally never had a problem or felt that unsafe because I was used to the city and knew to give people their space. But those hoods had a reputation of being a little rough. Other areas on the north side are full of softies who wouldn't do anything, but it's real dangerous to run your mouth in the wrong neighborhood. Which is probably what happened here.


we used to live on California and about 6 houses down from Logan Blvd in around 2001 - 2007. We actually would go to the Puerto Rican parade every year we lived there....but NEVER at night. There was a shooting almost every year. The Logan Square neighborhood got gentrified about the time we left, but Humboldt Park has been rough for decades. We never had problem either, but like you, we knew to keep our wits about us and always be aware


There were 769 firearm homicides in Chicago in 2020. Its become a warzone.


the only weird thing is it looked like at least one person with the attackers was filming it.


People love to film themselves committing crimes. We can be glad they are so stupid.


Right, because a confederate flag is a completely reasonable thing to shoot someone over /s


Been 156 years since that was true


Bullshit, just a cold blooded killing. No flag....Confederate, Chinese, Gay Pride etc would justify killing anyone. When they show these cars pushing through crowds in the middle of the street and people complain I counter with altercations like this. They are out to do you harm....not just make a statement


> No flag....Confederate, Chinese, Gay Pride etc would justify killing anyone. For rational people, yes. But this is chicago.


I really hope this shit didn't begin because of this flag.




And get their news from twitter


And imgur.


Nah, probably has more to do with their skin color. That’s the trend now.


it's Chicago, they don't need a reason. the most upsetting thing is that there was already 10 people beating the tar out of them, there was no need for a gun. but hey how will they ever become rich and famous unless they do the same things glorified by the people they idolize


Andddd they just lost any support from the Hispanic community.


>They probably saw the Puerto Rico flag and assumed it was a weird looking confederate flag. I'll wait to see the how this story unfolds, but it seems like a possible scenario. Righty news should get ahold of this and do what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, et al. have done when the victim was black for the past 4 years, which is play this video 24/7 for months on end and bring in "analysts" to implicate how racist it is to attack someone with a flag supporting their cause.


It’s not even close to a possible scenario. Everyone in Chicago knows what the Puerto Rican flag looks like. It’s everywhere all throughout June, and there’s even a giant arch of it over the street like a block away from where this happened. https://images.app.goo.gl/cBxS7Cty1NS3iwBo8


no way, too many puerto rico flags in this area for them to not realize what it is


This definitely wasn’t the case, these are all over the city right now as they always are this time of year.


Can't have a gathering in Chicago without someone getting shot. Way to rep the community.


This would be national news, all over reddit and riots in the streets right now if the races of all people involved in the video were reversed.


True. Peaceful protests and city blocks burning will show ‘em.


Oh damn, can you imagine if a police officer would have shot the murderer as he was murdering those people? NBA teams would walk off the court, Congress would hold a moment of silence, cities would burn.


Is this in reference to the cop that shot the girl with a knife?


I mean take your pick. You had the BLM riots in Minneapolis after a murder suspect that was on the run from police got cornered and shot *himself*, and they still held a 'mostly peaceful' protest https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/26/us/minneapolis-protests-unrest.html


Yeah, I remember that as well. Fun times.


That depends if the guy on the ground had a lengthy criminal record. If he didn't, no riots.


Looks like a Puerto Rican shot another Puerto Rican . If you reverse that you get a chinese cop shooting a Muslim


Makes sense


Also this is what the mayor is focusing on (besides looking scary) https://abc7chicago.com/mayor-lori-lightfoot-racism-chicago-department-of-public-health-news/10801185/ MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT DECLARES RACISM A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS IN CHICAGO Look away now. Nothing to see here. Is racism that is the real problem. Edit: you know what would have really helped Chicago. If perhaps we had a black president that came from Chicago that truly understood the issues. One can dream I guess.


Using $10M in Covid relief money to tell blacks that they need to blame white people for their own shitty behavior.


What is this sub...? How can people say the truth there! Mods, take action. Admins will shut this shit down for dropping such bombs.


I’ve been banned from regular r/publicfreakouts for posting news articles. Like I always say. Facts are hurty




I see people regularly going through the steps necessary to unironically come to this conclusion.


Yeah, mental gymnastics is just normal for many people. We are degenerating.


I have a good friend who is generally intelligent but will abandon all logic to defend the "oppressed" group from wrongdoing. I'm gonna show her this and get her opinion. 100% she's gonna say that whiteness is to blame.


Yep that's why they won't be able to fix it. They are not willing to admit it's passed that step. I hope they can get to the youth.


10 million in Covid aid funds going to her pet project. That evil little troll bitch is lining her pockets.


Yet Rand Paul is the problem.


The mayor looks like a crackhead...


I’ve seen street walker crackheads that were better put together


She looks like what a crackhead spits up after a long weekend


If racism is so prevalent in Chicago how is she mayor? By her own admission a woman and a person of color shouldn't stand a chance in a place full of such bigotry.


I wonder how many members of the local government are persons or color. Probably just her right?


Chicago definitely wouldn't also have a African American police superintendent who is a rational leader either. It's only the second largest police department in the country, such a small accomplishment. Or a voted in head of the cook county prosecutors office who is also African American, these are all anomalies and the people are racist. /s


Lori Lightfoot looks like a Muppet who came to life after being given meth


Lori Lightfoot looks like a black Beetlejuice


Why can't we all just accept that we are the same fucking species and move on with our lives?


Yes, but that would mean I am responsible for my own mistakes. And cant blame white people anymore for everyting. Which is unacceptable /s




Thats too easy dude


Well... that let her scam some of the money that was for covid and use it for whatever the fuck she wants... So... Justified, right? /s


What a disgraceful parasitic excuse of a human being.


The motivation to be financially set for me is not even to enjoy the luxuries, but to get away from places like this and the garbage that infests it.


Yesss, No matter how much you avoid it, disputes and confrontations will happen. Not getting murdered, during or after, is my dream... Most of the times they won't even let you walk away. You just get harassed for minutes till you fight or get far enough. I don't go to bars or clubs with my friends anymore. The amount of times I've almost gotten jumped after bumping into somebody is absurd.




It probably is the wiring in his brain. A lot of people from poverty grow up around violence, it makes your first and safest reaction violence.


I know bad things like this happen all over the world but I've seen so many videos of people being jumped, shot, stabbed and executed in the USA for rediculous reasons These things can happen in the UK as well but It just seems like a constant possibility in the USA that you could walk past a mob of people and you happen to be wearing the wrong thing and could get hunted down, I feel like in Europe its not quite this common, its ussually (not always) personal disputes and some gang conflicts in london Maybe I'm being ignorant but the USA just seems like a crazy place to live Edit: so I've learned a lot from comments... media only shows violence, Europe has its own issues, some people says yes the US is this bad and others say it's not, but one thing I've learned for sure and almost universally agreed is... Fuck Chicago


It really depends on the state and city you live in. Most of these videos you see where insane things happen are typically in low-income urban areas. The majority of Americans and areas aren't like this.


That's true, I'd rather live in the middle of nowhere tbh. USA is a first would country with third world cities scattered around it. I still live with my parents, but with this housing market and how expensive basic necessities are I'm afraid I won't find a place decent enough that I can afford. I really don't want to live somewhere where I have to look over my shoulder every 10 seconds


Move to pretty much any town under a population of 250k and you'll be OK. Housing market in the Midwestern states is pretty decent. In my area you can get a 2,000 sqft home with 10 acres for under 250k. And everyone is packing heat. But no one ever gets shot.


If it helps, I’m 42 years old and have lived in Florida, Georgia(most of my life), Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, and have travelled to 49 states (Hawaii) and have never seen anything in person like these videos that come out. I’ve never seen anyone pull a gun in public or seen anyone assaulted. It’s pretty easy to avoid without even trying if you don’t get into stupid shit and stay out of the worst areas-most of which you need to seek out to get to.


There is actually some truth to this. I lived in Chicago for 17 years. I also lived on the edge of some really rough neighborhoods during some of those 17 years. I might have gotten into plenty of arguments (I took public transportation 15 of those 17 years), but aside from a gang related shooting on Sheridan that I heard, but didn't see.....the ONLY time I personally experience violence was when I let my guard down. I was violently assaulted, (it is the reason we left and moved to a rural area in AZ). I also had been drinking. This did not help matters as this helped lower that intuition that tells you something is wrong.


Living in the country - downside, no late night Subway sandwiches Living in the city - downside, you may get dragged from your car and killed at random


Yo dude. You can definitely get yourself a late-night Subway sandwich out in the country. You just have to make the 1.5 hour drive towards the interstate so you can hit the Truck Stop with the 24/7 Subway attached, and hope the 15 Carl's Jrs you drove passed dont lure you in like a moth to a flame.


Mmm. Truck stop sub and a lot lizard to satisfy those late night cravings.


I don’t tangle with lizards no more. No way, no how


Lol - I see people post things like "I'm moving to [area] but I don't want to live some boring suburb. I want to live somewhere exciting!"


For those people, I give a simple warning - be careful of what you wish for, you may get it.




Another reason why you should drive off if your car is being attacked by a mob of violent people.


It's chicago bro. If you're at night and see a group of black guys assemble round ur car. You're bout to get clapped.


It’s not really racist, it’s just kind of true. Just because of the people living there.


It's not racist to notice patterns. It's racist to hate people because of their skin color.




This is the most truest true in the truewest


This is probably the best way to put it. We're not saying that all black people are potential murderers, we're saying that recent history has proven that murder comes from black people at an abnormally high rate.


it's chicago. if you stop at a stop light in some places you're about to get clapped.






There’s the old saying, you’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by 6.


Or "peaceful protestors"


Well I guess at least they didn't kill a black man. The media won't be bothered by this.


Yeah they only killed two latinos, they're a dime a dozen /s


History has shown how quickly the media and society in general is willing to disregard Latinos at the first instance it’s politically expedient.


Es ok man. At least our people actually have the work ethic and the support from our communities to succeed here.


Let’s put on our Zoot Suits and Riot!


Better yet, protest by not going to work. See how far the US will go without Latin labor. The US would crumble within the day.


The media wouldn't care if they killed a black man either. Does not fit the narrative.


This is on CNN right now... oh wait, no, they are just showing the capital hill riots for the one millionth time.


This singular event was equivalent in violence to the Capitol Hill riots


You're right. This one guy killed more people than the 10,000 angry Trump supporters at the capitol that day.


I was mostly joking, but I still think that shooting two people execution style for no reason is *more violent* than what happened in DC (which was also bad--not defending those dumbasses)


There is a reason why houses are tough to find in the suburbs




Man dead, woman critical. No suspects, and those scum will carry on until they get locked up or die. I just don’t understand man. Shot him in the back while he was on his knees. He didn’t have to do that. Fucking executed the guy. That is evil.


wHaT If ThEy gEt CoviD anD diE iN jAil? tHey aRe cLeArlY opPresSed bEcaUse mAybE tHe pEoplE thAt wErE mUrDerEd saId a MEAN woRd.


The way they describe the incident in the article is nothing close to the incident seen on tape. Makes it sound like this was a gun shoot out or something. That dude was executed on his knees looking down at someone else who had been shot. These people deserve the death penalty.


The passive voice gets used a lot to minimise crime. Knives and guns operate themselves. Cars drive into people. A mugging that turns into a murder becomes ‘an argument over a phone’. Executions become ‘failed robberies’.


No description of the subjects. Classic.


No description gives you all the description you need.


Thank God the Mayor is going to *OBVIOUSLY* address the issue of racism in Chicago... it will help prevent people from misidentifiying the murderers in the video from the actual dangers of society


oh she also said that guns are the problem... clearly guns lead people to become gangbangers? thats why in Switzerland everyone reps a gang??? Hold up, gang violence really isnt a problem in Switzerland. AH yes logical fallacy, nothing a little mental illness cant fix. schizophrenic me might "know", GUNS MAKE PEOPLE COMMIT GANG VIOLENCE DERRRRRR.


Of course, the guns were there in 2018 and 19 and crime was half what it is now.


Wtf is going on here? At first I thought it was some dispute that got out of hand, but after reading the comments and watching the vid again, did a random couple just get dragged out their car and exacuted in the middle of the street? Like what's the context I'm seriously confused Edit: there's 2 shooters? The first shot that hits the woman isn't fired by the guy who exacutes the man? Seriously wtf is going in here


Idk, the crowd doesn't seem together, makes it feel like it's a random mob dragging 2 people out of a car The terrifying part is that the woman seems to be trying to get back in the car when she is shot and then falls


(Just watched again) it's really hard to see the woman get hit but when you do.. Jesus christ then her man is straight up, no excuse, no other word for it, fucking exacuted on top of her body. He even raises his arms up ffs


yea like what context makes what we see on video justified? holy fuck. this is clearly a mob dragging people out and waxing them


I'm not justifying anything? People are saying it's a race attack and I'm just asking if anybody actually has the context to call it that or any fucking context at all.


Saturday was the Puerto Rican parade. A ton of cars driving around loaded with people hanging out the windows and sitting on the roofs honking. This goes on all day and well into the night. Division, where this happened, is a dividing line for a lot of street gangs so it doesn't surprise me there was a shooting like this.


Ah. So there's a big chance it could have actually been racially motivated. Absolutely terrible for this couple though as (it seems) they're just 2 people in a car. I can't imagine a couple completely by themselves to be horn leaning or making a racket


I'd say gang related or an argument gone bad. I live in the area and this happens every year. I go to the CAPS meetings and rarely hear anything about racial violence. It's usually gangs and drugs.


Yeah no clue, I was looking for clarification too. I mean 10 seconds more of video might have showed us.


Exactly. Everyone's jumping to it being a race dispute or something but there's literally zero context of the video I mean it starts right at the point of crime


This whole scene is heartbreaking. She is hit in the neck, he has a moment of sheer terror and despair as he realizes what happened and in the middle of his misery some fucking coward shoots him in the head. The last thing he ever sees is her bleeding out. Just fucking heartbreaking.


If only people would go to jail for their crimes .. oh yes Chicago Lightfoot Kim Foxx *.. nevermind you get what you voted for* https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8612317/Cook-County-prosecutor-Kim-Foxx-dismissed-25-000-felony-cases-including-Jussie-Smollett.html


"Black racists attack white couple."


I don't think they're white though.


Racial definitions among the Hispanic population are incredibly blurry. There are many white Puerto Rican’s, many black Puerto Rican’s, and many who are in between. Most Latin Americans I know (among those not born in the US) don’t think about race nearly as much as Americans do.


We don't care that much, americans are really... idk the word (obsesionados) with race, like wtf


hahah, estoy de acuerdo


They're flying a Puerto Rican flag lol...


Latinos are white when its politically useful.


No, Latinos are white when they're white. "Latino" and "Hispanic" aren't racial categories - they're ethnocultural categories. You can be a Latino who is of 100% African descent with skin darker than most African Americans (see David Ortiz), you can be a Latino who is of 100% Spanish descent with light skin and blue eyes, etc. Most Latinos are a mix of those two (plus indigenous American), but many of them are straight up black or white. Guillermo Del Toro, for example, is a white Latino. You wouldn't have any reason to suspect he's Latino just by looking at him: https://blankfirebulletin.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/guillermo-del-toro.jpeg Dude looks Dutch or something, but he's Mexican. So, while obviously there are race baiters, Latinos can belong to any racial group.


Just another Chicago dispute


Fuuuuuuck Chicago Edit: Why they have to take this stuff down??


I love chicago. Its the people I don't care for


I feel the same way about the entire planet


Look at how profound this guy is


I made a comment about Chicago to a coworker who lived in the burbs and only ever went to the city during the day time with her family. She said "what are you talking about, Chicago isn't like a war zone or anything". I beg to fucking differ ma'am, feels like I've seen 10 different Chicago related shooting videos in the last week alone.


Depends, she might be street smart and know where to stay. The issue I have with Chicago is that the crime isn't just gang on gang like in my city. They kill and loot any random ass person 😂


She made it seem like Chicago was perfectly fine, seemed very confused that I would think of the city that way. My guess is she was trying to hold onto the good memories she had growing up and not let the reality of the city be the reality of her hometown. She just seemed disconnected from the rising crime rates in that city.


How close is Chicago to being a real life Purge scenario?


As someone who lived south side it pretty much is already there. Police don't help or protect only extort. Homelessness is rampant and lower Wacker is like mecha.


Damn be careful


Chicago is basically set up to keep all this bullshit relegated to certain areas. Policy has kept it like this for quite a long time. Keep poverty in spots a, b, and c combined with shitty schooling, lack of improvements etc etc and you keep alot of the violence in a few specific spots. It's been going on there for decades like that. Just look at Chicago historically with all the different ghettos, poles, jews, blacks, Hispanic, Irish etc and you just have one group of people. Fuck over the neighborhood and the whole group gets screwed. There's actually alot of studies done on it. Gotta sift through the crap of today but if you can find em, interesting reads. Here's one em. If you can find some that go into mayoral policing policy, they get even more true to life. https://www.chicagomag.com/city-life/august-2014/what-correlates-with-crime-in-chicago-pt/ I'm from an Irish ghetto on the south side. 18 years. Thank christ I got moved all the way across the country. Got to watch the wrecking balls go through the projects my last year there. When you tell a shit ton of people in the projects to simply "go", we are tearing down where you lived and turning that into condos, what the hell did they expect to happen.


That's not even true anymore. I live downtown and a woman got stabbed and died in broad daylight yesterday afternoon not far from sears tower. There was another shooting outside a hotel on Wacker the other week. My sister even called in a guy who got slashed in the throat on Michigan Ave at 2pm on a Sunday a few months ago. That's just off the top of my head. This shit is out of control.


It's called Chiraq for many reasons.


This is why I just wanna live a peaceful life. Nobody should have to deal with this.


Why is everything in the United States race/minority related? Can’t they all just get along for once? Racism and guns make a terrible, terrible combination


Cause the teachings of MLK are sadly forgotten.


The teachings of MLK were never accepted by anyone other than mainstream media. History books in elementary school basically taught kids that before MLK and the civil rights movement in the 60s, the US was horribly racist and after the various movements in the 1960s, racism went away. That was never the case. Racial tension was and is still everywhere. it's just gotten less overt.


> Why is everything in the United States race/minority related? Because critical race theory and there is a political party whos entire platform is currently race-based.


Looks like racism all right... Was that a Puerto Rico flag?


Yeah, that's a Puerto Rican flag.




The Chicago Tourism dept must be having a very tough time lately.


Can’t get shot on the river tour! It is known gangsters are scared of water


I thought there werent gonna be any murders in Chicago this weekend, it being Juneteenth and all.




I want to hear some leftists say "Puerto Rican lives matter". They won't.


Wow! That shit should be plastered everywhere as a hate crime against Puerto Rican’s but of course it won’t be because the criminals are of a certain protected class


Chicago is an absolute shithole and the Pritzker/Lightfoot duo make it 50x worse.


What was the need to shoot him? He wasn’t even a threat


So he can brag about catching a body at the barbershop even though he just executed an unarmed kneeling man smh


See shit like this in South Africa every day.


Get your camera out once in a while and upload a little content to the sub, then! Quit hoarding all the freakouts!


Just juneteenth things


Obama's city!


Que bonita bandera. Que bonita bandera. Que bonita bandera, la bandera Puertorriqueña !!!


No black man was killed. Therefore this doesn’t matter. Also the killer wasn’t white.


This won’t be on the news, they wouldn’t want to spread the wrong narrative.




US is starting to look a lot like Brazil tbh


Wall on the Mexico border? How about we start with walls around all of these fucked up cities?


This is what happens when you teach people that trash culture is acceptable. These people need to change their culture and get a good education. This is very hard when we have one group saying they are justified because of slavery and justified because cops need to do their job when you commit the majority of all crime in America. Teach to respect everyone and to stand up and defend yourself only when it’s justified.


Chicago is a shit hole city.


I feel bad for the shooter, he didn't get to loot anything to pay for his college education /s


Don’t even stop for reds. I’m not even from there and I know this.


“tHeY pRoVoKeD uS”