When u get written up for shit u didn’t do

When u get written up for shit u didn’t do


I got written up twice in my 5 years and both times were for TOT because I was limping everywhere and my plantar fasciitis was so bad that my ankles were swelling. Manager even asked me if I was OK as she saw me walking down to her station after calling me down just before writing me up. Good times


I had a similar situation like that a few weeks ago except for it was my knee. Got wrote up, disputed it and explained where they put me in relation to the bathrooms (I was a picker), could barely walk, leg, ankle, knee swole. Asked them to out me on the 4x1 to watch the totes instead or at least let me count. But that was dead. Disputed it with HR and won.


Wait, was it your first write up ? Because I got 1 and they told me I can not Dispute it unless it’s a final write up


It was actually the first time in the year that I've been there that I've gotten ANY kinda warning or write up for TOT. They said because I was over 30 minutes it was an automatic final. I disputed it and they dropped it.


Oh they tried to fire me on a final for a UPT issue that wasn't my fault but had to do with the shuttles a lot of us ride into work on. They didn't follow their protocol and they had to fix it. 2 finals within literally a week. They're reaching...


Manager? You mean those things who watch in vapid confusion as you bust your ass and wonder why you're not on turbo mode for 10+ hours.


What is TOT?


Time off Task


I once got a write up for not clearing a jam. It was time for me to go home. So f what they were talking about.


I was literally gonna get terminated cause i had a bad headache during work and had to take a rest lol, now my AtoZ account is temporarily disabled lmao


I literally just got written up last week for not hitting my “rate goal” (which I’m not even sure what the hell he was talking about. He didn’t even say if I was in the bottom 5% or not), and the manager said the offense happened 10 days prior to him bringing it up to me... the exact day he said was a Saturday... I don’t work Saturdays, I’m front half, and I didn’t take any VET...


Somebody just got written up at my FC because they were a labor share, went to pack and had a shitty rate. There's like 3 posts on the VOA board from her.


Sounds like me. I'm a picker and I've gotten two productivity warnings so far this year (2nd one expires on the 10th) in pack despite never getting them last year at all. The only good thing is that they're were both more than 30 days between them and my managers allowed me to not go back to pack while the warning was still active.


This is for anybody that’s had worked in a Delivery Station you will know what I’m talking about...I was written up the other week for leaving my aisle as a stower to go help the pickers on the line because the volume flow had gotten to fast for the 4 pickers to keep up and the line was overflowing with boxes falling off the line onto the floor to where they couldn’t get around it...And they was calling for help From the Managers, Shift Assistants and LA’s for over 30mins and nobody came. so I jumped on to help clear the boxes.. They told me I shouldn’t have helped and we should have waited till somebody came by🙄. I was like wth they been calling for help for 30mins I don’t care I was gone help if I see people struggling


Should have pulled the thing under the belt for safety hazard. Then if they restart the belt... pull it again... that will make OPS come down to see what the issue is or who is pulling it.


Like what, work?


I can't say for them, but I got written up for making too many errors while out of town on vacation.


Damn, you must be really bad at vacationing then.


Dang, so someone’s was logging in under your ID??👀👀 for what?


No, when I had a PA from another team check it showed 5 errors, picker errors were tracked monday through Sunday at that FC, so I had 1 actual day of work when I came back. None of these were a false pick short. 5 errors in a day is nothing, this was before Nike stations were installed so one bad tote transfer could get you 10 to 20 easy. I was also doc positive for quality 90% of the time so there wasn't even a pattern of errors to go by. The ops manager just had a screwed up and wouldn't admit it.


Hey, as a guy who used to track these errors and do the research on them to trace the route causes (Data Analysts). The errors you made could be up to 3 months or even 6 months old. It depends on when the counters discover the errors. Pods can go months without an Audit and the longest I've seen was nearly an entire year.


I’m in pick, my rate is always very much above average, and I ALWAYS do the missing process 100% correctly. I remove the bin, check behind the bin, completely empty the bin, dump all the items on the floor and scan every bar code. My first manager told me NEVER check for the item in another bin if it’s missing, as it won’t affect me. Fast forward to now and I got 2 write ups for marking an item that was missing that “wasn’t” and I asked how and my new manager says I should be checking bins near the bin I get sent to to see if someone put it in a wrong bin, because ICQA might go to look for the missing item and finding it in an adjacent bin and thus count it as not missing, putting the error on me when there is 0 proof it was my fault. Like seriously? I was so pissed off. Now every time an item is missing, I take a picture for proof to show it wasn’t in the bin, or even take a pic showing it was in the wrong bin. I know the policy. Pickers should NEVER get written up for an item being in a wrong bin and marking it as missing, yet this happens around 3-5 times a day at least, sometimes closer to 10 times. Which is easily enough to get multiple write ups


Whoever trained icqa at your fc needs to be fired as you not supposed to check any bin except the bin the scanner tells you to check.


Of course but stuff like this happens all the time at amazon. People getting written up for stuff they didn’t do


Honestly I’ll pull from other bins if I see a missing item because they always hit me with that bs


According to policy we aren’t supposed to and I was told not to. But now I will because I’m not getting another write up for doing my job correctly


OK!! I don't know what you were looking for but if your facility has cardboard bins, I was doing an indirect role and saw that some product was stuck in between the cardboard just *before* the window. Had I not opened the bin, I would have missed it entirely and there were at least five because they were small and flat enough to fit.


Which I always check in between


I got written up prob about 6 times now, had few close ones with tot maybe he tried to scare me


That's basically my FC.


Like I've curse out managers been resistant in general and argumentive and have never gotten a write up.....cuz I'm sure I deserve one lol