Sheeeeeesh you love tuh see it!!

Sheeeeeesh you love tuh see it!!


The Holy Grail until you realize it needs problem solved.


Worst feeling ever




I once counted over 120 gift cards rip


Count seems boring as hell


Yeah I was forced to train over there for 6 weeks. It was sad over there.


What did you do before count? Did you stow?


Pack singles


Ah it makes sense. At my fc, there’s a lot of vto at outbound so I’m guessing your manager or pa sent you there because it must be over staffed at outbound.


Yep. There were too many people before but now I’m back and most of the people quit or went somewhere else. The PAs were even on the stations packing lol


What is VTO? Lol


Bro, go to outbound my brother has been getting so much vto’s


I am outbound no one I know has seen any vto in the 14 months I have been at MKE1. It doesn't exist.


That sucks. I guess there’s no work at pack outbound or it’s over staffed at my fc.


Nah, you don’t have to deal with a lot of shit the average person deals with in the fc


Is count easy?


Yes. But you can easily get lost in the count. Meaning it is so mundane that you will continue to count and start thinking of other shit at the same time. Which will lead to recounts. But I found it enjoyable. Very chill. You don’t have a rate, per se, but they do keep log of how many bins/items you go. I try to hit at least 800 a day


I generally hit 300 a hour as long as the Stowers do robots correctly barely have to take anything out of the bin until I get to gift cards


Stowers do ROBOTS correctly? OMG that's the funniest thing I've read today. Seriously. If you are putting a book or DVD in a bin, how hard is it to put it Titles out?!?! Fucking stow...


Mine are like hey I have this box that barely fits let me shove a book/dvd/gift card/9 placards under the box so you have to pry the box out to see what I hid underneath...damn Stowers that turn the pods into a "Easter egg hunt" drive me insane


There is an hourly rate of 80 bins/800 units per hour for simple bin, 20 bins/300 units for cycle and 207 units for simple record.


Yep, never made it pass sbc. I got promoted to RME


It is absolutely the most boring activity imaginable. 30 minutes of counting feels like 3 hours of anything else


I'd rather count than stow. Water spiders don't like me.


Why don’t the water spider not like you? You stow too fast?


I don't know. People never tell me what their problems with me are, but they always seem to have them. I'm introverted by the way. Extroverted people always seem to resent me.


I’m an introvert too but I stow stuff fast so water spiders have to get me good stuff for me to slow me down like more quantity of items or smalls.


What is a "water spider" at Amazon? 😬


Good for your rate though.


you scan one “UNKNOWN BARCODE SET ASIDE FOR PROBLEM SOLVE” and then they don’t come for 5 hours


What I never seem to understand is why doesn’t problem solve just teach everyone to do it themselves? It saves soo much time, which is money.


You need to have permissions to do it, is how they control the inventory, everyone having access will lead to mistakes and theft


What if I don’t want to be hired as a problem solver? I just want to be able to fix things myself when needed.


I work in PS in outbound pack. Problem solving just can take time and there are a lot of procedures that it just makes it more efficient for other AAs to set it aside and keep working. Yes, it's dumb


Depending on the warehouse you work, at mine FC regular AA don’t have access to it so they aren’t able to fix anything


Because it would be harder to track so better to just dedicate a role to certain people to take care of it I assume.


Main thing would probably be it's impossible to tell the difference between putting stickers on something and TOT. They'd have to labor track everyone. Teaching people how to sideline empties could be nice, but even that would drag stow rates down. Plus when you're doing that you're "creating" items that the system doesn't know exist, so theft, etc would be easier.


I asked myself this same question. lol


This is also great when packing until you accidentally double scan a serial number and it's all: "DUPLICATE SERIAL NUMBER, SET ENTiRE ORDER ASIDE FOR PROBLEM SOLVE"


Get that TAK to 6 is such a great feeling!


I like to imagine that is a passive aggressive gift going to be given 1 person. The person getting it will be ecstatic. They are person sending it actually thing you ugly as hell and need a lot of help.


You must be a stower because you guys are the only ones who love to see it. You know if you work pick or count that those are getting thrown in one bin and will be almost impossible to get out without 20 of them falling out. And if you work as AFM you definitely know a bunch of them will probably be stuck under drives


Im so sorry for you guys,it must be boring as hell doin that all day 😪


Got a box last week with 400 in it 😍


Were those all one order?


You would need to use rodeo or fc research to know for sure. Unless it's stowing or counting, because then it honestly doesn't matter as it has yet to be assigned to a particular shipment. It's only assigned when it's being picked.


Thank your fellow decanter


Unless your in count


Or it's on SRC and not CC. Foh with that shit.


At least it’s a totes. I’ll take only totes at the very least over big ass boxes trying to find the damn red label


I remember when I got 1000 SD cards, best day ever 🤣.


We had 25 totes of calling time cards from tracfone Tuesday that had 250 a piece per tote and my spider gave me a whole stack I was holy spit my takt we be glorious


Its the serial numbers for mee.


Count is a nice break when you’ve been picking for a few days