Fight 🥊 or Flight ✈️ - Prime Day

Fight 🥊 or Flight ✈️ - Prime Day


Prime wouldn’t even be bad if we weren’t already in Peak since March 2020.


Dude. I got so tired of MET that I switched to Flex and only work the days I wanted. And take like a week off if I don’t desire to work lol


Wait flex employees can work on their own schedule?? Flex-ible schedule? 👀💵💵💵


Yes. You pick up the shifts you want to work.


WC lvl?


99 obviously noob


Lol isn’t even an option for me because I need the benefits 😭😭😭


How did you switch to flex?


I just went to HR and asked about flex and was told that I could start the next day(Sun) if I wanted it. But it could be different depending on the location.


What really? Ive been trying to transfer for months lmao i got enough upt to transfer too. Id love flex tbh. Ima ask tomorrow


I found out there’s two types of Flex. The other one is Flex Full Time where you need to work a minimum of 30hrs a week, well in my fc. And there the minimum of 20hrs in a month flex which I have. Best of luck!


Is it that easy to ask hr? Or do i have to say that I need a hardship transfer or something


I just walk up to HR and said “I would like to switch to flex” they gave me a paper writing my information. Username, Schedule etc. and what day I wanted to start. And gave them back to them after lunch and started flex the next day.


Oh shit bet. Thanks for your help! Im going insane with my current shift


Main reason I went to flex tbh. The met was stressful. Now with flex I just pick up the shifts I want to work. No met what so ever.


can flex work pack or do they have assigned jobs?


Tbh. I have no clue. I know Stow And ICQA, so I just go for a station assignment depending what I feel like doing. However I can’t* Problem Solve as Flex. Sad about but I am happy doing 30/35hrs a week and having 4 days off a week :D


Flex for the win, only problem I'm having now is it's so hard to pick up a shift, they hired so many new people, everytime I check the only shifts available are the overnights.


That’s hard! I have shifts from mornings and nights. I get nights for the pay increase lol plus All my friends are in nights x)


I dont know. It doesn't feel like we are about to hit prime week. At the warehouse I work at, the last few months it felt like you could barely find pods to fit big stuff in. For a good while, it really sucked working with replen.


For real I don’t we’re think ready for prime week we don’t have empty cages half the time to pick on a normal day. I’m ready for prime week because it’s gonna be hectic 😂


Is flex just specific departments or buildings? I work at newer building doing ICQA and haven't heard of people doing flex here.


Depends on the building not all of them do it especially newer buildings my building is almost a year old and just now starting flex shifts because not enough people are working the swing shift.


My building doesn't have Flex for ICQA (asked cus I wanted it) 🥲 only pick and stow have that option here


I think so. When I worked at a sort center pretty much everyone who was a tier 1 could only work flex. I transferred to an FC and saw flex people getting trained one day, but it sounded like flex schedules were kinda new there based on what my LA said.


What the actual fuck? You mean you've been in peak mode since last year? How? What facility you at where they really have that much work?


My building has been at Christmas peak levels since March 2020. VTO isn’t even a word 😭 it seriously sucks


That’a wild. Your facility must be crazy busy then.


stop hogging all the boxes man lol


For real vto is almost a legend around my FC


Doesn't feel like this Prime Week will be great for my facility. Literally had two Inbound Dock PAs fired for doing stupid shit, and they were the only ones who knew how to do a lot of stuff. So now their backlog is fucking wrecked, and everyone is scrambling to figure out how to do shit.


I'm leaving. 😳 most likely. If it's 12 hour days for 5 days. Like suspected. I'm low on vto anyways. Cya bitches 😘


59 hrs of madness ??? Ugh


🥊 But only because this is a summer job for me and I'm resigning by August anyway


Tomorrow (6/15) is 6 years for me as an Amazonian


You have my deepest respect! I could not do this for 6 years..


Am I the only one that's not bothered working more? After these recent raises my overtime is almost 26$ an hour, I have no issues with stacking boxes or picking items. 😅


Hahahahaha Why The Fuck Do You Need Help To Resign Hahahaha Just Fucking Stop Showing Up It's Not That Hard Haha


🥊🥊🥊 But only bc I'm Flex 😉


lucky for me prime day and the 2 days after coincidently are my days off :P


Same here lol 👏😏


So, does that mean they won’t fire you or something? What if I just say “f it I quit” in front of the head manager and play “Take This Job and Shove It” as I walk out the door? That’s what I always wanted to know.


Think about the bonus which is scheduled to be Paid on June/30


I don't even want to think about prime day, the bad new is that I work only one of those days and the good news is that I am off on the next for three days. I'm dreading prime day you guys.