If you walk by and hear me having a conversation with myself while I’m picking mind yo dam business. I have to talk to myself and the pods to help time go by. I’m losing it.

If you walk by and hear me having a conversation with myself while I’m picking mind yo dam business. I have to talk to myself and the pods to help time go by. I’m losing it.


I use to sing to myself and curse out the robots that acted strange and also going tip over god damn it to the unbalanced pods.


I tell the pods to gtf away after Im done(as they are rolling away) ahah


When I'm waiting on pods to come to my station I act like I'm the guy on the runway leading planes in with hand signals. It's amusing to me.


When I release a pod I always say “on your bike”


Ohh seek mental help


"Fuck You! Don't come back, nobody wants you around here."


I always say this too 😂🤣😂 like "bitch gtfo"


Love this


Eh, I talk to myself sometimes, it can get emotional, I’ve almost been caught crying like 4 times but yk on company time and I’m hitting rate so frick off


So it’s not just me good to know 😅


The one good thing about wearing the masks is other people can't see you mouth swears at them,some of these people that amazon hires makes me wonder if they are half brain dead or just done give a shit about anything so it kinda of helps saying you god damn stupid fuck under your breath,trust me it helps


> kinda of helps saying you god damn stupid fuck No it really does, they've done studies showing that swearing makes painful situations feel less painful. btw talking through your teeth like a ventriloquist is almost as good as a mask.


I had this same thought the other day when I was trying to walk to my pack station and hella people weren’t watching where they were going and were cutting me off


You dont like being around alotta people. Yo momma told you that. You from the country and you're not used to being around alotta people. You have a phobia. This is why Amazon is moving you to NEW YORK CITY !!!!!! to help you come out your phobia. Once there you will be given a years supply of Metro cards so you can travel freely on the subway and buses where millions of disgruntled people dwell. Enjoy your packaged deal to NYC.


I kinda feel like you have to be brain dead working at Amazon


Whatever it takes . . . ......


Whatever it takes


*imagine dragons intensify*




That's how it goes for the first six months. You go so insane that you come back around to sanity once again. Think of it like free therapy. You get to explore places in your mind and have breakthroughs about your life. Kind of like shrooms minus the fun parts. Edit: good news is if you pick in pallet land, everybody's cussing and talking to themselves, even Amnesty, so you'll fit right in.


Exactly! I'm currently 8 months in. I didn't go fully insane but I had to retrain myself to enjoy living in my own head for hours and hours. Now I can work without thinking I'm going to lose it and quit every single day.


You're fired for being temporarily insane.


I sing and rap and also come up with come backs that I should have used in an argument that happens months ago




Yeah, arguments with dead relatives got a lot easier when I remembered it's all me doing the arguing, so I'm going to win anyway.


Story of my life


Its absolutely cruel that the corporate fuckheads expect actual human beings to work 10+ hours on their feet, sometimes in isolation to remain sane without any sort of stimulation. God , listening to music or podcasts would improve productivity.


Use one earbud, away from the aisle. It single handedly makes the job bearable. Listening to Casefile right now


I am way more focused & productive with my one lil ear bud in. I'm not really paying attention to the music but it gets that like inner monologue/inner thoughts to shut up so I can be more focused on what's in front of me. I'm pretty sure that's a symptom of adult ADHD. And it makes the day go by so much faster because I'm getting some enjoyment from the music & it makes the work less repetitive because the music is constantly changing. I think they should encourage ear bud use to whichever positions it doesn't pose a safety threat because production as a whole would probably go way up. I'm a stower & with one ear pod in I can still hear everything around me and hear when someone's walking up to me. It probably wouldn't be safe on the loading dock though.


Same. I get into seriously dangerous moods when I can’t get my inner monologue to hush. Ugh.


It makes the time go by so slow. With my ear bud in I just fly through the day. 18:00 rolls around and I feel like I just got there.


Ok you get a write up. I. On the space team. Oh and 6 FEEETT!!!!


There are new headphones that you can use and wear in a FC to listen to music while you pick


What headphones are you talking about?


Check these out you can get a clear lense on these if you wear glasses and they are pretty sick. https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/frames/bose-frames-tempo.html#v=bose_frames_tempo_black_us


Lmfao, that's sick. I can already picture my AM wondering why the hell I'm wearing sunglasses all of a sudden.


Its super impractical but it's a work around hahaha


We have speakers on our stations but there’s no way to play music, yet and they will write you up if you plug in your phone… they installed them around a month ago or longer and we still are unable to use them….


"Hey, stop that!! That's going to be for our proprietary subliminal conditioning program only!!"


It's a trap! Smile. You're on Jeff Besos Candid Camera


I tend to put my music low enough to where only I can here it and I place my phone next to the pod release button lol. Luckily I haven’t been caught or told anything yet. I haven’t heard anything about speakers, that is really dope though. Would love something like that.


Grab some bone conduction headphones so you can hear music and the outside. If you see a Amacuck manager coming to bitch to you about it, yank em off real quick and keep em on your neck until they fuck off. Rinse and repeat.


Grab some bone conduction headphones so you can hear music and the outside. If you see a Amacuck manager coming to bitch to you about it, yank em off real quick and keep em on your neck until they fuck off. Rinse and repeat.


I mostly "road rage" scream swear at stowers.


Pods are full and we still have to make rate. It’s not completely our fault.


I talk to myself about stuff I gotta do, sometimes I sing, sometimes I remember a joke and start laughing, sometimes I just tell Bezos to fuck off... The usual


Yup. Currently on the Bezos thing. The fucker can afford a rocket ship but can't fix his fucking conveyor system that needs a reset every fucking 15 fucking minutes. Fuck.


I think I'm developing Stockholm syndrome cuz I used to hate going to work, and now I don't ever want to leave...


What, did you get married or something?


I still wear my mask because of this


Me talking to myself for what feels like hours then I *accidently* glance at the time and realize it’s only been five minutes. Now I’m crying and talking to myself until next break….


This is literally me everytime, at this point we're all trying everything to make time go by


I used to sing all day haha


Word. Like it's a my and I conversation c your way out of it


I did this when I worked at Amazon, too. People would always look at me strange but honestly? I ended up enjoying the job more than the average picker and my rate was exceptional. So who's the real crazy person here (: lol


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A girl caught mE talking to myself last night. “You straight bro?” “Haha” Like how does everyone not talk to themselves in this boring ass job? Plus I’m the most interesting person I know anyway. So 🤷🏾‍♂️


I do it all the time, and it keeps people away cause they think you one of the crazies... i am but thats besides the point...


i used to think of the kivas as little puppies bringing me things it helped a lot but i started to think they were adorable and i wanted to take one home..


I agree. Now they are like robots. They seem to make your life more difficult. No chance to breathe nor even walk.


I remember i walked next to this dude singing Empire State of Mind. Our facility is in Arizona


I walked by and saw you talking to the pods and I called AMCARE and HR but they said that's normal and to mind my own business, but I said but they talking to themselves. They said hey. You wanna Resign? I said nah.




I laugh sometimes when I’m listening to podcasts or prank calls lol people look at me like I’m insane lol


I do that too


The best stowers on my team sing to themselves


Omg you poor thing! 🤭


Guys I just showed up to work (picker) sitting in my car and I just literally shit my pants.


So get picking


I ask them, why always gotta be on the highest shelf. I am not a picker nor stow.


Lol me straight karaoke thru my whole shift let them think im crazy...