People who enjoy mukbang asmr, why?

People who enjoy mukbang asmr, why?


I can't see how people like that, the sound of chewing is fucking disgusting. I hate it.


Completely agree, it is gross and obnoxious, just trying to understand why anybody would willing subject themselves to that. I mean some of these videos have almost 100 million views.


I'm into cruelty


I dono man i just fucking love food and the sound of itcbeing eaten


Different people have different reactions to chewing sounds I guess. When it’s done well, it can make you relax cuz we feel better when we are eating/chewing something in our mouths and we associate the sound of chewing with that activity. Edit: I hate it when it isn’t done well. Like if they smack their lips really loud, talks loudly and “hmms” while eating, etc. Some don’t mind it though and likes the social aspect of it. For me though, I mostly enjoy watching people eating the food I crave at the moment. Like that *CRUNCH* from a crispy, juicy fried chicken? NOM. It’s brain food. They eat it so I don’t have to get those extra calories HAHAHA :D


I’m pretty sure there’s a good amount of people who get off on it, so there’s that.


not into mukbang asmr myself bc i have misophonia and hate eating noises, but i imagine it's something for fat fetishists and feedists to get their rocks off to, especially people who enjoy slob content


I don't like it but I hear that somethingelse watched it because being unable to eat makes you sad so watching other people enjoy foods feels satisfying


Same with watching YouTubers play games


Am i the only person whos never watched a mukbang video before? (im sure not) If i am hungry i look for cooking videos, not mukbang.


I find it relaxing for some reason