India couple rent plane for midair wedding to escape COVID curbs

India couple rent plane for midair wedding to escape COVID curbs


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So how much does it cost to rent a plane? EDIT: good comment from a user in another thread: https://reddit.com/r/news/comments/nk2496/indian_couple_charter_entire_flight_for_170guest/gzboioo?context=3 *I work in aircraft charter and there is absolutely no shot you are chartering a 100+ seat jet for $11,500. It won’t get off that ground for that much. The article says “for a few hours”, the charter rate for a jet of this size is likely to be €10,000-15,000per hour, plus fixed costs etc. So if they were up for 2 hours you’d be looking at at least €30,000 ($36,600 or 2.67million INR) private charter is never cheap*


If anyone gets sick on this flight and needs hospitalization, make sure they are last in line for care.


Sorry, they sound rich. Front of the line they go.


Plot twist they entered Belarus airspace and get forced down.


RemindMe two weeks.


I am kinda impressed by the size of the husband's balls for doing this. At least 1 wife in india isn't going to be disappointed on her wedding night.


Girls don't usually care about ball size


The marriage license should be annulled, couple should be sent to prison. That's how you deal with this. Punishing airlines instead of the couple just basically tells the public that rich people has privileges.


Did they actually break any laws?




Punish both? I would hope the crew and staff were willing participants in putting their health at risk and not "coerced" to this for a paycheck. But I think I already know the answer.