I left my old job with 120 hours of unused vacation time. They wouldn’t pay it and wouldn’t let me take a couple days of vacation during my 2 weeks. Use it, you’ve earned it.


I’ve gone negative twice


Did anything happen?


Absolutely not. But managment seems to pick and choose what rules they want to enforce and who they want to enforce it on. I was top performer in all categories I was trained in. I’ve also worked over 60 hours in 1 week and nothing happened there either


And then there are the rest of us in the spectrum lol


i only started with 10 hours of UPT how in the world do they have 50 lol I have like 3 hours & that's for emergencies so I don't get my ass fired


They probably just saved up and have been there for more than a year i think.


I've only been working since February and I have 57 hours of UPT


That sounds like the strat honestly. Not sure how Vaca time works all I know is I only have 47 mins. If you had 80 in each category though... You're looking at like almost two months off 😅


I know what you be doing in those two months off from your username lmao


actually it's somewhat of an inside joke. " I love them strippers" is just lyrics from a two chainz song that I've* never even listened to. My literature teacher in the 13th grade had us do a song essay & he kept bringing up two chainz & "I love them strippers" lol he was a goof I loved him. It just happened to be on my mind when I was creating the username. I actually struggle alot to form emotional connections with girls & people in general. Not sure if it's place & circumstance or population & sample size but finding love is difficult.


@reddit where is the edit history huh then again I don't really care who lurks ppls edit history anyways


I agree with you on that. I believe it’s all that you listed and then some more that affects finding love in this day and age of social media


on a sad note I'm pretty sure my chances wouldn't be any better if everyone was carrying around a blackberry. Infact, they'd probably be slightly worst, considering now 😅


I had to waste 20 hours before the end of the year so i would still have 80 since that’s what we cap out at


By the end of the year I was the one on the right. Honestly that job is sooooo freaking repetitive (I’m a counter and problem solver) with peak I got to do more counting that PS and it got me so worked out, you can’t listen to music, all you hear is the sound of the scanner and the totes moving all over the place, it’s overwhelming, plus you are not even concentrated on the job, you are more into your own thoughts because you don’t even have anyone to talk for 2 minutes...and on top of everything, for the peak season they had the PA’s walking around with horrendous music which make no sense, I can listen to my own music but have to be the whole day listening to the crap they want to play.


I leave early because if I didn’t the amount of asleep I would get would be abysmal it take 3 hours just to get to work that’s only 35 mins away. Public transportation is trash where I’m at.


Where are you located if I may ask?




Bro I work at Las6! My girl worked at 7 and we had to pay 800 dollars a month on lyft and uber.


Wtf how


Lmao idek. 😭


Sooo trueee 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Seeing this as I just used up my PTO sick time and 3 hours of UPT to not go to work tonight lol


The right side tells themselves every year that they're going to save their time this year.


This was me... 2days ago. Only that minute is usually sick time.


Wait... sick time? Do you work at Amazon?


I think it depends on your state. In Washington they have to give u sick time no matter where u work.


I have sick time too! I’m MTR so maybe that’s why


I barely have 24 hrs of upt 😩 I keep leaving early. 😏


If you clock out early they automatically take upt and you don't get in trouble?


Yep if you’re a full time employee. Be careful though cuz u can use it up quick and then maybe one day you’re running late and u go negative and it’s pretty much automatic termination. And also if you’re gonna leave early and use upt you’re supposed to give your manager an hour notice.


Lmao I work 3rd shift and I leave early like 2x a week so I’m definitely the one on the right😂


I have 60 hours of time off right now. I would have more but I kept leaving early.


Yeah I’m the one on the right. I’m not proud of it lol


I like your username though hahaha


I don't think many things hit the wrong nerve for me as much as being called an "Amazonian" by anyone up the ladder. It just sorta screams "eerily friendly gaslighting"


Amazonians are tough strong warriors. Most workers here are bathroom-bound baby legs baby arms, not amazonians ha


Amazonian is a code word for the ruthless lesbian culture in ops/hr.


Where did this come from🤣


I see patterns others don't


I plead the 5th


You plead the bathroom stall 🤣🤣


Nahhhh I do my job, I’ll just leave early if anything haha


Yo this is me also, I feel you 100٪ doing my job at my job but will leave early without a word. No shames given.


Exactly what I do, one of the best scanners at my sortation center when I come I give 110% each time, they can trust me on a side of a line alone, but I'll just dip and leave early sometimes especially of its a flex up shift


I’m right in the middle. I’m not hoarding it but I take a lot of 4 day weekends.


I'm APN, but totally the person on the right 😂 Steadily using PTO in small increments to come in the tiniest bit late.


I find it absolutely insane how little Americans get in terms of paid leave. I'm surprised there isn't more anger over it. UK Amazon staff (and I'm assuming those in mainland Europe too) get 28 days off paid per year.


American Capitalism at its finest.


Compared to every other job in super excited how much Amazon gives me. America sucks when it comes to giving a crap about employees.


Amazon has among the most generous leave policies of any large entry-level employer. Your response is to one of the best cases. Imagine what it's like for the guys at Wal-Mart or HEB.


Walmarts time off policy isn't horrible. At least compared to what it was pre 2011. Though amazon is generous just be careful on PLOA due to position loss lol


Welcome to America.


so i got a question ive been at amazon since september and a week and a half passed and they sent me that conversion email to apply for it and i did so now were in january and the facility that im at is starting to let people go am i safe or do i not get hired?


Idk if this applies to your building but at mine you had to submit a schedule change in order for them to not let you go immediately after peak.


nah it dont but also i submitted a survey also if i wanted to be transferred to a facility that was opening up closer to where i live if i were to get hired and i filled it out plus there were people on other shifts who told me they were there the same amount of time i was and they just got their badges last week and i havent heard anything from hr either


Pretty sure that the conversion emails were sent to all seasonals automatically. With peak over, the culling of the herd begins. I'm in the same boat. May the odds be ever in your favor.


I swear the 1 with 1 min left is mine but your so wrong lmao. We are a non rollover state so bezo ain’t getting that money


I was 1 minute too, that shit doesn’t rollover in Ohio.


You are correct. :)


Is 48 the PTO cap?


I was told mine caps at 80. I think it has to do with the state your in


If your time doesn’t roll over yes. Otherwise you can cap out at 96 hours since 48 will roll over


I didnt receive any new pto on the first of the year. I thought everybody does.


I (blue badge, full time) received 10 hours plus the hours earned for the pay period (so I went from 0 minutes Thursday to 10 hours yesterday to 11hr 51min today). However, my UPT balance is unchanged.


You receive 20hr UPT


Currently have 80 hours of UPT (ended the year at 79, so I got a whopping 1 hour this quarter) and 46.75 hours of vacation.


Wait this shit caps off???


Yup, UPT has a cap. PTO expires at the end of the year (in most places; in some places, it rolls over), but vacation doesn’t have a cap, to the best of my knowledge.




Ah, good to know, thank you.


Person on the left has no kids and person on the right has kids 😂


Isn’t that the truth, you can tell who has responsibilities and work ethic by how often often they request time off.


I don't have kids. I just fucking hate going to work.


Lmao that’s what I’m saying. The only responsibility I have is myself, I just don’t like being there😂


Can also confirm! Ended the year with 1h 3min pto and I only ever use it when I know imma be a few min late or when I know I need to leave early for one of kids things 😅🙃


Shid lol


Can confirm. I ate all my PTO this year :(


Haha that's true for the left one😂😂😂


Upvote if you think the girl on the right is just as beautiful as the girl on the left.


Everyone is beautiful and amazing :)


I’m in between those of those two. But I do take advantages of the VTO.


If you want to be more like the one on the left, try to show extra responsibility and willingness to learn new indirect roles. With indirect roles you get zero ToT and let me tell you, this job becomes 100 times better with no ToT.


Not for tote wrangling


Is that similar to Tote Running? Collecting totes and bringing them to pickers?


Negative, its collecting filled totes from conveyor and putting them on buffer carts




Yep that's me on the left. I stow like 10-20 hours a month now. I'm on indirect roles like floor load, vrc operator aka 15+ miles everyday, waterspider etc. Even at stow noone has came up to me once regarding TOT. It's probably because I am given a task that I must do which is stow. I take responsibility for my actions. Noone came up to me regarding my productivity or errors either. I did make few errors in first month or two by stowing master packs.


Trust me many who work here just don't know any better. Either first jobs, parents or community failed them, never had to take responsibility in life other than buying video games and making a team meeting within said games. Saddest is how messy (esp college ones) leave everything like their parents are there . Mine never cleaned after me though so that's sad all around. But they leave half eaten food out sodas open stuff on the floor... Don't let them get a truck... Honey buns soda cans all in the truck, empty pallets and plastic wrap thrown all over like a 1 year old. So sad. Worse part of the job: some of the co workers. Jeezus


Haha lol that's my screenshot on the left. To top this off I try to work 60 hr weeks... 😂😂😂 One of my friends dad has 48 hours of PTO, 80 UPT, & 160 vacation...he's been here since the building opened like back in 2017.


Why keep the PTO, though? It doesn't roll over so you're straight up losing 48 hours of pay.


Not true my friend. That screenshot is after I got the 10 hours dropped. It's rolls over in motherland Cali and it's not amazon rule it's a state law.


Lucky. Ridiculous that here, in a state more associated with labor unions than most, we don't have a similar law. But unsurprising these days.


It depends on your state and position. All of my PTO rolled over in PA, and for me PTO caps at 80hr (Part time).


Yes sir, I screenshotted yours for this one. :) Thank you for the share OP <3