I was told to leave early because there was no more work

I was told to leave early because there was no more work


I heard someone say at my facility that the minimum you can get paid for is 3 hours, which is why they do not offer VTO too much before that point. Can't say for 100% certain thats true however. Ask.


We have to get GM approval to VTO at my site, which means the nightshifts haven't VTO'd in months. These stations weren't this clean even at launch. Always wild bridging the hours like "ahh yep we ran out of volume around midnight and couldn't wake the GM up and filled all other paths up with folk" < theres actually a ton of volume right now but it was only recently that we started to be allowed to control our own rates and volume again. We had a really bad relationship with central flow lol. Now we're finally pushing more than 14k and its great.


There is a thing called "Forced VTO." It's very hard to justify that you were unless you get the person to say something to HR before then. edit: I can't remember the time limit before you fall out of that window.


You got VTO which means you only get paid for what you worked


Damn i wish they did that at my fc they would have us stand and look at each other before we get to vto


what happens to your rate?


Probably coded to opsjan


They dont count the down time from no work just walk around the building act busy


Well if you’ve been with Amazon for a while (like myself) then you know every year around this time they use vto to get peoplE off their clock so that their isn’t so much overtime to pay out working Memorial Day is like working 2 days in one shift they’ll probably VTO tomorrow like they did today


Here my manager is trying to encourage people to not leave early and used the time and a half as an incentive to stay.


2.5 days in 1


I know all these have been Mentioned already but I'll try and sum everything up at once. *If you showed up for work and were offered VTO and left then you will be paid only for the time you worked. *if you showed up to work and were told to go home due to lack of work without an option of VTO or to stay then you are entitled to a minimum of X number of hours pay. This will be outlined in your labour laws where you live. In Ontario Canada it is a minimum of 3 hours. So if I show up for work and 1 hour in they say go home they must pay for minimum 3 hours.


They call it Voluntary Time Off, but sometimes it’s not so voluntary because they force you to leave (at least if you don’t try to go against it) You don’t get paid for that time. You could use PTO to cover time. You could stand your ground and let them know you don’t want to leave, essentially you’ll be paid for doing nothing.




Meaning that you’re still in the building for the rest of your shift, right? Then, yes you’ll be paid. They’ll either have you stand at your station, send you to another area that might need your help or find some odd jobs for you to work on. Now Mandatory Time Off is different, but not sure how it works since it’s never been done at this FC. (FL)


We only call mandatory time off for extraordinary circumstances, such as an earthquake or fire. In those cases its mandatory because we cannot operate the building in a safe manner. You'll still be paid but minus shift differential and it doesnt count as time worked for overtime. (Or in the case of COVID, we shut down auxiliary warehouses at the start and they had the option to either go to a full volume FC like mine or not work and not get paid)


I remember seeing something during my on boarding about minimum hours. If you come to work and are told to go home (not VTO) you are entitled to a minimum number of hours. It’s either two or four. Don’t worry though. Amazon is always very good about making sure employees get paid properly. Ask site HR what the minimum hour policy is, as it may be different for different states.


Indeed, I'm guaranteed 30hrs/week unless I voluntarily take the time off (meaning they gave me the hours and I chose not to take them). Definitely state by state though.


VTO: Voluntary time off. Emphasis on the Voluntary. They cannot force you to take VTO. If you need the hours, work your scheduled shift. The only real exception I know of is sort centers. They can flex 1 hour up or one hour down. So although you may be scheduled for a certain amount of hours at a Sort Center, they can basically send you home at 3 hours and you have no choice.


Voluntary time off is unpaid.


Idk if it’s different because I’m in the UK but we can get paid VTO and unpaid VTO


We actually do have something similar in the U.S. Not sure if it actually has a term or not, but if the building or even just one department has to close, the applicable associates get sent home with full pay. Around two weeks ago, My FC sent all of us Outbound associates home with full pay because the department was closed for maintenance work. But it's separate from VTO since this is required leave.


Yeah our paid VTO I think it uses our breaks from work


Must be. I've never heard of paid VTO in my FC.


Its not paid vto its MTO mandatory time off they send you home with partial days pay


Ohh damn I didn’t know that


It’s probably just PTO?


Ohh gotchu I’m not sure I recently started working here xD


As long as they set up VTO by scanning your badge, then you clocking out after, you're good. Sometimes there just isn't work for people.


Sounds like you got subliminally fired. They hit you with the Amazon, I mean, Jedi mind trick lol... J/k, sounds like VTO to me bro!


They can’t force you to leave because of low work. They’ll offer VTO. That’s voluntary.


You got the much coveted VTO


Coveted by people who don't need money. I wish I could take it lmao.


Sounds like your part-time. What type of facility is this? If you’re part-time in a sort center then you are usually scheduled 4 hours and they have the ability to flex up or down 1 hour. So, shifts could be anywhere from 3-5 hours. You should be guaranteed 3 minimum in that case. Source: L4 AM at AMZL Edit: this doesn’t apply if you accepted VTO.


I need to verify, but this was what I was told when I started as an L1 in a GA sort center last year. I’ve transferred to a full-time facility since, but I’ll look it up in the system and find it in writing.


Did your entire shift leave or did they only ask you? They can’t force just a couple people to leave because it’s slow, they can offer vto but it’s your choice to accept it or not.


I was supposed to work from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and I only worked 2:15 hours because I was told to go home because there was nothing to do in the warehouse, do I get paid for the 5 hours I was supposed to work?


They mustve given you MTO and no its not s full shifts pay


They can’t force you to leave. It’s VOLUNTARY time off. One time a pa lied to me saying they were bringing out the hundred pound plus items which we don’t carry at our facility. Your bosses are just dicks


Nope. They've done this to me as well when I worked at a SC. Didn't get paid for the hours I didn't work. You could have refused to leave, then they would have labor tracked you and you would have been getting paid for doing nothing, since there was no work. I got paid for just standing in an empty station the whole shift since there was no work and I didn't want to VTO lol


Dang… I’ll try to talk to my ERC or HR to see if I can work something out because this is my third day working for Amazon and I was not explained any of that


There's nothing to work out. You went home. You don't get paid.


Well it sounds like he didn't know what VTO is so the least they could do is just explain how it works. Who ever offered it should have, considering he's new


Are you flex or no? When I did flex you were scheduled 4 hours but work 3-5 hours. They could only make you leave after three hours at the earliest. If you’re not flex (just normal part time) then you don’t have to leave early, it’s always voluntary. If you’re contacting HR to get points our UPT reversed because of a mistake then they will do that, but If you’re contacting HR to get full pay for that day I highly doubt they can/will do that.