Mask mandate

Mask mandate


I don’t wear a mask and they never even ask for my sticker


Literally never. Unless covid disappears.


It has taken years and decades of research and trial and errors to get to making this vaccine. It would be nice if we could all just get the easy explain it to us like we're 5 scoop on all of it but the final puzzle pieces is us all so this puzzling mystery isnt fully completed yet


According to the latest posting, they will not force anyone to get vaccinated, but those people will never be allowed to work without a mask..


When Amazon decides to, it’s their choice, or you know just get paid to get vaccinated and you won’t have to worry about it


If you’re vaccinated and you not in an area that still has a mask mandate, then yes.


Get vaccinated


My facility has already started letting people take off masks if you're fully vaccinated (2 weeks after your final dose)


Does your city/state/town/whatever still have a mask mandate? We don’t where my FC is, and we are able to work without a mask if we are fully vaccinated. I’m not sure when people who are not vaccinated will be able to work without them. I imagine not for a while to continue their effort to try and incentivize people to get the vaccine.