Anyone else just get hit with MET with no notice?

Anyone else just get hit with MET with no notice?




I heard if they give less than 24 hour notice you can get put of it without losing upt. Makes sense since they auto reject vacation submitted less than 24.


A lot of us have fucked up schedules, for example I'm scheduled for 30 minutes on every Sunday, but its 30 minutes that overlaps with my normal schedule (RT Shift). Due to this overlap, I APPEAR to be scheduled for my MET for the next several months. Its very annoying and is no doubt going to cause some real confusion. (Also AtoZ is still screwed up on how it THINKS we are scheduled. I for example have several different segments today, 3 hours in pick, 3 hours in OB Dock, 3 hours in OB Problemsolve, 2.5 hours in Pack flow, 30 minutes in stow. I'm not even Pick or stow trained and am no longer part of pack flow and my AMs are not allowed to LS me there due to management trouble)


I transferred facilities in April and my schedule still is messed up after talking with HR countless times. Got fixed then got messed up again in June


Yeah I dont honestly know why mine is such a catastrophe. I only recently made the transfer to dock and that is my only transfer ever. The issue first appeared before my transfer was finalized so I dont think thats related!


That's why you have to check everyday


We're not doctors that get paid to be on call.


~~Winter~~ Prime day is coming.