How Much UPT do Seasonal (Sorting) Employees Get?

How Much UPT do Seasonal (Sorting) Employees Get?


Go to HR and ask for your ATO balance. It does not show in the app. I believe you get 10 hours when you start and another 10 after 90 days.


Seasonal don’t get UPT you guys have points. At my sort center I had only 6 points to use. I never used any points tho since I converted within 3 weeks so I can’t tell you how many points you get for an absence.


I Think it’s .5 for being late or leaving early, and 1.5 for an absence. It can depend on the site but I think that’s the norm


I was told 1 point for being late, taking a longer lunch and/or leaving early. Because in theory you could lose twice the points for coming in then if you had just stayed home. I was also told you had 13 points to use but I was never a white badge.