Main Character Party Members

Main Character Party Members


Joshua no except maybe at the very end, Jill probably. ...but that's assuming we get party members at all which is still up in the air.


Mmm. I hope I am wrong, but seems that the game will have not party members. So I'll say no.


I doubt it, seeing as the two are children, and Joshua has a good chance of dying in the beginning of the game. Jill might be a party member, but if she's Shiva, I could see her moreso being a primary character in the story itself.


Doubt it Dominants are too powerful to be party members.


I think maybe at the very beginning but not post if we have a party at all Jill might be eventually.


I think that Joshua will remain MIA for the first chunk of the story post time-skip. He'll be assumed dead and perhaps he may return later. As for Jill, I think she will be a neutral evil character roughly for the same time frame. But to defeat the big bad, the three may come into an acceptance and fight together at the end.


I still think this will be a single (playable) member party. I put "No" because of this but I suppose they could be NPC party members. Alternatively, they could have several single member parties. So you could follow Clive for part of the game, then Joshua for a different part etc. Wouldn't quite be the same as a party but could be interesting.


I have a feeling that we might not have party members. But I can see we playing others characters in some moments. Also guests is highly possible.


I think we will have party members but Joshua and Jill will not be part of it.