Fed Up

Fed Up


It’s certainly frustrating but you can do it! Sounds like you already have a starting plan to help get you some relief. If you’re able, also go to a derm to see if there’s anything else you can do to supplement like maybe try humira. Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself while you give the stuff you’re trying a chance. Wishing you success and sending good vibes your way.


You might find this article helpful it talks about ways to deal with HS and anger/feeling fed up 💜 https://hidrawear.com/5-healthy-ways-to-deal-with-hs-and-anger/


It's hard, I think I've reached the same place you are right now. I've had HS 18 years and recently I'm just driving myself crazy wanting it gone and researching for new treatments or studies. I hope you manage to get some relief with the dietary changes and failing that, the surgery.