Do the SR reboot characters really look like they’re from WD2?

Do the SR reboot characters really look like they’re from WD2?


Not really, no, except maybe Kevin. WD2 characters all have a pretty distinct hacker-punk vibe going on, which the new Saints don't.


Agreed. Very techwear like


In 2012 when THQ went bankrupt only two companies were after the Saints Row IP: Deep Silver and Ubisoft. I'm sure this new direction for the characters on the reboot is what Ubisoft would have done anyways if they got Saints Row, so yeah... most of them feel like Watch Dogs 2 characters.


And thus an alternate timeline exists where Ubisoft would publish Saints Row instead of Deep Silver. Oh, boy…


Ubisoft would turn Saints Row into an RPG like all their other games lol.


Yeah that would've been worse.


To be fair, ubisoft actually has a level of quality. They're way more consistent and reliable now compared to 2k with mafia or activision with true crime


Yeah, say what you want about Ubisoft but their world crafting and being true to a theme is on point.


Agreed, when they choose a theme, they stay on it. They just need to choose themes better


That's arguable lol


Present your arguement


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


They did fix it and redo the entire progression. But I agree, it isnt a realistic slow paced tactical shooter anymore.


Their games have become really generic, the graphics are unimpressive and the animations are not that amazing either.


Although I agree legion looks generic, I gotta say, they usually have stories and gameplay under wraps. I think the reason they seem generic is how they constantly push out games so often, that whenever they make a change, it's either not enough or too much.


But they're still solid. Ubisoft is like the Toyota Corolla of gaming. They're generic, but they run, are fun, and still offer good memories and experiences.


> Ubisoft is like the Toyota Corolla of gaming. Not gonna lie, I got a good chuckle out of this not only for it being genuinely pretty funny, but also very succinct.


Slight disagree here, the worlds of the Division 1/2 are incredibly detailed.


Maybe not


I don’t know... Tom Clancy and Assassins Creed titles are not the same games they used to be, might as well be new IPs.


I think it would be better if Steve Jaros and Thq own the Saints Row franchise. I mean lets be realistic here they made Sr1, Sr2 and Srtt. And new Volition devs made Sr4 , Gooh, Aom and this reboot.


SRIV started development under THQ, but finished under Deep Silver. After the bankruptcy, a company called Nordic Games acquired the THQ trademark in 2014, later renamed *THQ Nordic* in 2016. THQ Nordic then bought Koch Media(owner of Deep Silver) in 2018.


So you saying THQ Nordic is owner of Koch Media ,Koch Media is owner of Deep Silver and Deep Silver is owner of Volition now ? TF is this??


Also, you may hear THQ Nordic referred to as Embracer Group, which they were named in 2020 to the present. They still go by THQ too though.


So they are still owner of Saints Row i mean not exactly but kinda right ?


Any games being published by Ubisoft is bad because that's people giving money to a company still run by sex pests.


I dont know what you mean


Did you seriously never hear about the ubisoft shit. Like not at all. You're on a game subreddit and you never fucking heard about ubisoft's culture of sexual harassment and worse?


NO. I swear i never heard of anything. I have no clue about what do you talk about. I opened this account and my twitter only for Saints Row. So i never look for ubisoft. What kind of sexual harrasment happened?


Fair, sorry for the tense tone. Not used to talkin to people who are acting in good faith on topics like this. Cliffnotes is that the family and friends of the CEO along with other higher ups of the company all across the globe repeatedly and systematically sexually harassed, assaulted, and straight up raped employees under them through blackmail, threats of job loss, and drugging. Whenever they were found out, they got shuffled around to another district where another person had been found out who then took their spot, so the abuse continued. Some real Catholic Church shit. Only a few of the people named were punished, those that were were allowed to step down with golden parachutes in tow, and the ringleader at the top, the CEO of the company, faced no legal repercussions whatsoever. HR also assisted in keeping all this hush hush for years through forcing victims to sign NDA's when they came in with complaints.


Thank you for explaining to me. It sounds very bad and depressing. I think this kind of stuff should be heard by everybody, internationally. Otherwise rich people will continue living without consequences.


No, Ubisoft aren't usually a topic on a Saints Row subreddit


Imagine R\* Buying the IP, or Square Enix. I wonder how this two would carry it.


Square Enix canceled deus ex, they get no love from me for that


Fuck Square for killing Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs


Hey now, they did Avengers... wait....


If Rockstar bought it, they'd definitely want to take it firmly in the SR4/GOOH direction so it's not a competitor to GTA.


If Ubisoft had bought Volition, they would have made what they had planned for Saints Row Part Four and Saints Row IV with aliens and all would have not existed


I think that abstergo entertainment would use shaundi and kinzie for animus experiments, or that they are the templars


I love WD2's trailer, especially with that NERD song.


It’s one of my favorite cinematic game trailers, it really built up hype.


Nah. I like the WD2 designs more.


even WD2 crew look more like gangsters 😂


Fuck it! If the world is just as vivid and fun as the characters from Watch Dogs 2, then I sure as hell hope I can be super cool like Wrench and blow shit up with style!!!


Only in the sense that both groups look under thirty.


In the first two games most of the saints are under thirty. If you think shaundi is anything over 22 you’re kidding yourself


I never thought any of the Saints other than Julius and maybe Troy were older than 22-25 in the first game. In the second only Gat and Boss felt like they were in their mid-twenties. The new Saints look about as old as the original crew.


Gat looks much older in SR2 than he did in SR1.


And most couldn't probably lift anything over 50 pounds


50 pounds would need 226.8 human hairs to lift. This is assuming a hair can lift 100 grams, which is usualy but not always the case.


Not to mention the type of knots/braids you're doing to hold the hairs together. Changes the tensile strength


Nice user name


Another fan of good music lol


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No, the Watchdogs characters actually look a lot better to be honest.


Could be WDL DLC characters and I wouldn’t blink an eye


Tbh WDL was a great game i just wasnt very good at it :( but if these are DLC i wouldnt care much either


Wow, side by side wd2 looks better


The WD2 renders look better


Yeah, rejected concept art from wd2. Looks like saints row reboot found the art crapisoft threw out.


Well now that you mention it the hacker guys actually look a bit tougher.




The Watch Dogs 2 Characters look way better IMO. A lot more thought was put into their designs.


WD2 designs have 1000× more details then SRR ones


Yeah a lot actually


If you showed me the top right image and cropped out the masked guy on the left I would completely buy it as concept art for the new SR.


I mean sort of


I think watch dogs 2 characters look cooler or more matured than these SR reboot characters.


Yes, and it's even more noticeable when you put both of these images together.


No they don't actually. The Watch Dogs 2 characters in my opinion look better. Their main guy in it is also a smart guy but not wearing a bow tie and glasses. The other characters are wearing hoodies and actually wearing modern street clothes. There isnt some weird bro-ish shirtless guy in pink or some girl in random mishmash clothing fashion. Even the way the characters are posed in WD2 on the top right, look more like a gang, than what the SR reboot characters are doing at the bottom. If I had to be honest. give the WD2 characters guns and they'd look more like a street gang than our cast, and I've said it before. The only reason people think this looks like watch dogs is just because they're young. I see no resemblance.


Nice new watch dogs 2 dlc


I get watch dog vibes from this group. But the reboot designs feel.... a bit unimaginative.


HEY! don't compare watch dogs 2 to the Sr reboot


Omg they're wearing clothes that are slightly similar!!!!!! WaTcHdOgS cLoNe!!!!!!!


They looks to be similar age but Watch Dogs 2 has a better artwork design to show their characters than Saints Row with 4 person leaning on a wall.


I never thought so before, but I definitely do now.


I nev'r bethought so ere, but i forsooth doth anon *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Are you posting a comparison picture between the two games or just pictures of Watch Dogs 2 characters? I think it’d help the debate if you showcased them next to each other.


The top two images is WD2. The bottom image is SR reboot.


Oh Yikes


now you mention it… i wouldn’t mind spending more money that i don’t have on this game…


Really they're about the same age range the as in style and attitude they are different also for the record Watch Dogs 2 is a gorgeous game as an graphics so if the next Saints Row has the same Graphics or better that's not bad that will be good


I have to agree does sort of resemblance Watch Dogs. Maybe they took an inspiration or two from WD and or they have former employees from the studio that made WD on the staff roster that's make SRR. (could be wrong tho)


I take it you can still make your own character in addition to these guys? Also anyone know if this is in the same universe as the first 3 or is it a complete re do of everything. I hope it keeps the same balance of serious to stupid as the previous ones (not 4 they went a bit far with that one, I still like it for it's own difference


IMO, they actually look like characters from WD: Legion, they wish they looked like WD2


it's exactly what I was thinking




That's what I was saying. WD2 is a hacking game; it fit the world a lot more to have those nerdy, quirky characters. Even though it felt weird to have them after WD1, it worked fine, and it was cool to play in SF. In SR, these character designs don't feel like they'll fit as much; I get it, new generation, kids who are more hip with the times; but come on man. Do they really fit the bill of SR? I know, it's a reboot. I know, there are other characters from the games like Donnie who didn't seem like gangsters. But dude. COME ON


Actually, the WD2 characters looks so much cooler than the ones of the Netflix adaptation... i mean, the SR reboot


Watch dog 2 characters shit on these guys


Not at all


I wish they did some of the WD characters look cool. But I know they will change their outfits over the game and boss is customizable so I am hopeful


Until I saw the more cartoony design I actually thought it was Watch Dogs!


not really, there's Eli who is dressed smart and you could make the connection that smart people hack, but that's about it


Other than being young no. I think the dude with no shirt is going to be super wild like GAT is. he reminds me of a young gat for some reason. the fact there are 4 people and they are young doesn't mean it's the same thing. style is different, look feels different. the bottom picture looks like they are about to be up to some shit. remind me of young gangs up north back in the early 2000's the way they used to use walls as backdrops after school. so you would see a couple girls and a couple young dudes with backpacks and shit on against the wall throwing up their gang signs.


Not at all. With all the comparisons I went back to WD2. And I love the look of the characters and the city. But I don't feel they're that similar.


All of them but Eli


Eli is the random disposable recruit you could ally with in Watch Dogs Legion.


i just wish the the saints in the new one looks more gangster than this tbh. the enemy they're fighting against in the cinematic trailer had a more gangster look than them tbh


My thoughts too. Not bad, they just look like they work in IT, lol.


yeah like if in the story like they wanna join the saints like they're new recruits or just people that saints need help from to beat their enemies, i would be okay with it but they're the main saints sadly


They're not even Saints yet tho


FInally someone said it!


*I thought they where from fortnite*


Yeah we're not getting another Saint's Row. TBH I'd have rather the series died than become Watch Dogs. Better for it to be awesome and a great milestone in gaming than it to become offbrand WD


Yeah, you know, that game that had a buncha characters no one liked or remembered


That’s the ‘20 aesthetic but they are not exactly the same If you want a ‘00 look there is plenty of choice, including the old SRs


I really don’t see a similar style, outside of the modern style most games these days use which is obvious


Yeah they do especially Kevin and the boss


Corporate needs you to find the differences between these pictures.




WD2 is good game, so no wonder Volition wants to try this style.


hell yeah they do


They do, no exact copycats but very much the same energy


If you squint just a little bit,yea.


The new designs look like a Glee performance of Saints Row.




Besides the artstyle being similar, honestly did anyone even play Watch Dogs 2? From what I remember a lot of people just shat on it and dismissed it because the first one over promise and underdelivered, and two was actually a good game. Yeah the cast could make you cringe at first look, but if you actually played the game, Ubisoft never even got heavy handed with the message or "sjw shit" everyone seems to hate. If anything whoever wrote that game had enough self-awareness to reign it in enough. Even to the point where they have you fighting a gang led by a SJW caricature, who was way more annoying than anyone in Dedsec. Not to mention that canonically you're supposed to be non-lethal in Watch Dogs 2, and trying to go in guns blazing actually made shit harder for you. In the beginning I took the guns blazing approach, but when you started to upgrade the skills it got way more easy and doing things like starting gang wars to clear out enemies was pretty cool. If anything Watch Dogs Legion was even more "sjw" and in your face with it's messaging, with the whole "Hey England! this is your future on Brexit!" thing and the all inclusivity approach, which ironically would have worked better by just having a Saints Row style character creator .


I think Lenni is meant to be an internet troll, someone who spends all day on computer being an asshole and doesn't give a fuck how they look like.


You're right, WD2 characters actually look a bit harder.


Now that I see it side by side I feel bad I've compared the two wd2 looks way better


They do, I'm all here for it.


Halfway between SR2 and WD2 and I think it looks fine.


Not really. The top row looks like criminals. The bottom picture like people from a tech startup.


They look like they're from Fortnite.


Fucking stop


Generic Millennials Characters


They'd be a decade older if they were millennials. Hell, the original gang would have been millennials (late teens/early 20s in 2006).


Badass racially-ambiguous chic ✅ Nerdy character wearing business attire ironically ✅ Off the wall dude who has a LED mask/helmet ✅ It's like they took the Watchdogs cast and made them less edgy🤣


Personality-wise maybe a little bit but appearance, not even close. Mia Khalifa lookin' ass over there isn't anywhere near WD2


When the game comes out, I'm gonna call that black guy MARCUS




No but neckbeard edgelords will say they do.


A little, but they are the same age and live in the same kinda social circles


I actually enjoyed WD2, but at the same time it doesn’t suit the same tone as Saints Row, don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna bash the game as I’ve not seen enough. But these people do not feel Saints Row, could be bad or hell it could be amazing. Time will tell.


Yes. Yes they do.


Simple answer - yes they do.


Yes, unfortunately


Copy and paste


You could drop them into one of those scenes and they wouldn't look out of place. Let's just say that.




Yes. They are pretty dead sec looking


Yes but also yes


They look like a Chinese knockoff of wd2




Most likely they look similar since both are takes on hipsters from la