Any other young girls that prefer to dress modestly?

Any other young girls that prefer to dress modestly?


You're definitely not alone. Loads of us like longer/baggier clothes. For me its for warmth/comfort. For someone else it might be another reason. I just wish more clothing stores would cater a wider range of styles because as of now it seems crop tops aren't going anywhere.


For me it's the opposite,I wish I had the freedom ti wear whatever I want.


Millions of young Muslim women daily lol


I lol'ed cause yes!


Lol good point, but I feel like society deems things like modesty, and even virginity, acceptable or normal for religious reasons but strange if it’s a preference? Like it seems like two different contexts if that makes sense?


Because they are usually conditioned into your thinking by religious or social reasons. So your preference are conditioned. They are not pure preference.


Same lol. But at the same time if it weren't about religion etc I would still prefer modest or ethical fashion. Makes me feel so much more secure and comfy. It's juts that's too revealing clothes won't be something I'd be comfortable in, esp publicity or maybe that's cuz I'm used to it alot.




Oh I’m a Muslim but not a modest one lmao. I support my sisters though


Me. But it’s more of an insecurity thing for me, I hate my body and hate people looking at it so I’d rather cover it up.


Yeah,I know this feeling. I'm 31 and have always worn modest clothing,mostly loose flowy skirts,dresses and everything with stockings and tights.i never liked my body because I was always thin,in my mind and also because I grew up very religious-si it kinda stuck I'm starting to like my body more now and struggling to make a move to more " sexier" clothing on the weekends.not anything revealing but something more tight.


I've always worn t-shirts & jeans, usually sneakers, the one time I wore a dress on a day off to work, my coworkers we're surprised I even owned a dress lol I've never liked the attention I get from dressing up, not that it's wrong to do so, I just like to not be the center of attention


Yes I dress modestly. I’m not comfortable with wearing revealing clothes in public because I don’t like to be stared at like a piece of meat and because I hate my figure. I’m trying to warm up to the idea of wearing revealing clothes at home where it’s just me and my bf.


In my late 20s now, but I’ve always dressed more modestly. I found that while the outfits may have looked cute on others, ultimately they were uncomfortable on me. For example, no short shorts because of chub rub and nothing low cut because I’d worry about too much cleavage. There’s nothing wrong with dressing either way, whatever makes you comfortable and does not distract you throughout the day


“Chub rub” Haha yes! I truly never understood how other women wear those short shorts comfortably. I walk too much for that. And if I have to do my bikini like to wear a pair of shorts, then they are too much effort for me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cute looking. And readily available for cheap. But I’ve decided that shopping in “old lady stores” for shorts saves me so much awkward adjusting through the day.


You’re definitely not alone!! It’s so hard to find just BASIC simple clothes that are cute and interesting without revealing half my body




🙋 Always find comfort in tshirt and jeans plus sneakers or maybe slip ons. Casual and chic.


I like not having to think about bending over to pick things up. Mainly about practicality. I'm so happy the midi skirt is back.


Me! (not early 20s but I'm 17) As a matter of fact I'm sewing my own swimsuits because all the ones I could find are too revealing lol


TomboyX has some good ones.


Yep! I feel more comfortable. Some people find dressing revealingly to be empowering, others find dressing modestly empowering.


Not the only one! For ages, I couldn't bring myself to wear leggings as pants in public. After years of cajoling and finding myself without clean laundry, I took one grocery shopping trip in them. People were looking at my butt! In the produce section, standing in line.... I could not believe it. I just feel like the grocery store is not the place to be turned on by (or analyzing/judging, whatever they were doing) another person's body. Go in, get groceries, get out.




Preference doesn't make Not like other girls. This kind of mentality is quite toxic.


This not like other girls thing is thrown around too much now. Wanting to dress modestly doesn’t translate to her thinking she’s better/different from other girls.


I explicitly said I don’t judge anyone for what they wear nor did I imply it makes me feel superior, I actually implied that it makes me feel inferior. Learn what the phrase means before you misuse it...


And here we have a man bestowing upon us his holy opinion


you're not alone at all! i find that my style is more on the moderate side- but i also i don't mind switching to more revealing outfits if they're cute enough 🤷‍♀️


Yep, love wear long dresses for comfort and modesty. Everything I wear has to cover me as I run around participating in life, so long skirts and high necks means comfort in all ways, all the time.


Since I’m muslim I always felt a lil out there but a lot of women have told me they prefer more modest clothing too. You’ll notice it in the little things they say or reactions to certain clothes. You arent alone, I promise, some women are just nervous to be vocal about jt


I wear a mix of modest and less modest, about half of my friends wear below the knee and covering shoulders apparel 95% of the time, and its totally normal in UK. Not heard any of my friends mention it before so maybe you are mostly seeing a certain subset 20s women? Its probably also increasing due to warmer weather if you are in a place with seasons in the northern hemisphere


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I don't like to show my body because I love my body, you're not alone!