I have never been tip baited before.

I have never been tip baited before.


The customers who do this type of shit request for more service. I told my wife immediately that this customer is up to something. I mean, you don't get $11 orders often around here. She didn't put her apartment number too. Which made me wait for extra 5 mins. I just had a bad feeling about the order. I can promise you that I went there on time. I was even texting her to make sure everything went great.


Just run the timer for these bastards...


You're only able to run the timer after you get generally close to the location and after you message them right?


No. In fact, iirc, there are some complaints because people have started the timer when they didn't mean to. (Aka they weren't even close by)


Oh for real?? How do you start the timer if you're not close by? I definitely could have used that the other night when the person gave the wrong address and I called them five times with no answer


Did she take the whole tip? Or just a part?


Ubereats should tell us what the customer reduced the tip for. If its for missing items. Then Uber should tell the customer driver is not responsible for that and refuse the tip downgrade. We as drivers should also know why. Did the food take too long, was it not hot, spilled or melted, etc... We deserve to know so we can deal with the issue. Right now Uber is just turning a blind eye to this issue and will hurt them in the long run when drivers bail and jump to another competitor.


Better yet they should only be able to reduce the tip with a bad review and allow drivers to see reviews. And we as drivers should be able to block customers. So say the customer tip baited and gave so ridiculous bad review. We should be able to block the customer to make sure we don't get anymore of their orders


today I delivered to an apartment complex, I got there checked the notes, “Wait for someone to go through the gate sorry for the inconvenience” ……. 🙂 after walking up three flights of stairs , leave, check later, they removed the tip


Id have refused. You can give me the code or get your food yourself after I leave it next to the gate


I had a similar issue except the person left in the notes at the gate code didn't always work. Still reduced my tip


The *audacity*.


Uber should ban these customers


And at the very least take away the button to thank customers when they take away some of the tip, haha.


They need to be able for us to msg the customer with "da fuk m8"


Or “force” them to tip


Lol, what?


Why? Maybe the service was shit?


I had one tonight that went down by $2. Went from $7 tip to $5 tip. Still decent order considering how fast it was. I just was confused by the change. The customer was outside waiting (as he said he would) was very friendly and I was fast. Just makes me wonder if that one was a glitch or something.


I chalk instances like that up to a glitch.


I got tip baited today and was a little annoyed. Looked over my shoulder after lunch break and saw their drink in my cup holder. I got tipped $3 less but i gained a giant lemonade. Not a terrible trade ngl i didnt even deserve a tip for that


You really wasn’t tip baited if you forgot their drink but we live and learn


Was just recountung details in the order i experienced them in, thats why i said i didnt deserve the tip at all.


Oh my God I've done that. Didn't notice until the next day.


What did they order?


It hurts


I got baited today too, luckily it was only $2


Well there is a first time for everything


I never even look at the tips. Just try to knockout at least 25 deliveries a day and you’ll be alright, I’m my city that is.


That makes sense. Uber eats orders are slow in my area. It's a rural area that got turned into something because a university was built there. Normally students don't tip well. I have been doing doordash for years before switching to Uber. Doordash is saturated right now, you hardly get orders or schedule. Well, nobody tips more than $3 down here for doordash because they can't change their tip amount. It's not the same for Uber though, the tips are pretty high compared to doordash.


Just out of curiosity, was it a stacked order? And if so, was the missing $5 dollars added on to the other order? I’ve noticed that sometimes when some customers tip less in a stacked order, it gets added back from your order order if that makes sense


It's not a stacked order. This person tip baited. There's no need to think they didn't. First message I got was to switch chips, which I did. I arrived early, food was hot with no issues whatsoever. When I got to the apartment complex, I realized there was no number on the app. I tried to call the customer severally, but she wouldn't answer. I texted her on the app, no response. But the moment I started the timer I received a message with the house number. Customer proceeded to tell me to leave it at the door, knock and go away. I felt she did that because she didn't want me to see her. I wouldn't have seen her anyways since it was a no contact order. I later realized she gave me good ratings for communication. So I see no reason why she would reduce her tip, unless the store did something wrong.


Took you 13 minutes to bring their food and they take the tip away. Scumbag behavior. But don’t worry, people like this get what’s coming to them their entire lives. That makes me smile.


How fkn petty can one person be.


this isn't even petty, it's cheap assholes who know when they order this is the plan


You know where they live.


All this thread is doing is letting customers know about tip baiting. This is why we are seeing it more and more. Cuz all you all keep posting about it.


You’re crying over making $7 in 15 min?


He probably isn’t crying but it would still hurt expecting $11 and it went down to $6 when you did everything right 🤨


Yeah that’s only $28/hr which is below my average and goal is 33/hr


No. No they’re not.


Get use to it


You probably had shit service. Happens to the worst of us, like you


Great comment from a huge 🤡🤡. Like you saw, it's the first time I've been tip baited. You know why? It's because I provide excellent service. Not everyone is like you Jeff. You should see my ratings, it would surprise you.


Lol I am a clown but besides the point, I pull my tip from shitty drivers when they can’t follow simple instructions. I’m sure you are the best delivery driver in the world and they had no reason to tip you less. Sorry buddy