This store is notorious for keeping dashers waiting for up to 30 minutes.

This store is notorious for keeping dashers waiting for up to 30 minutes.


Don't be rude; i.e no trolling or inciting flames.


Lmao someone left a review for this restaurant saying that they have major small PP energy lmao I’m dying 😂


Just so everyone knows, when a merchant accepts an order from DD they have to put how long the order will take to be ready. My sister and cousin both worked for restaurants that worked with DD, both said the same thing


Yup. This is simply negligent on the owner.


Also, they hit the button that says Order is Ready, so if you get that message and it’s not ready, call them out on it. I accused a few places of hitting that button just to fuck with us and they changed that behavior real quick


I have this happen quite a bit where I accept an order then immediately get a text saying the order is ready, but then once I get to the restaurant it’s not ready. I always thought that was because another dasher didn’t want to wait so they unassigned, and then DD assumes the order will be ready in time for the next dasher


Theres also a good chance the restaurant mgmt doesnt know the 16 yr old hostess does that. Maybe she doesnt know. Could be a training issue? I already know that hitting the ready button is done when order comes in at some places. They think the order will be done before driver shows up


I thought this too. Is it really because of the button like u/MadeInBeirut13 said? If it is I’m definitely going to start calling them out on that lol that’s BS.


My sister and cousin handled all the incoming DD orders and they both said the same thing. They also said that if the place got extremely busy they would put the app on “unavailable” so new orders wouldn’t come in


Yeah, I've seen Chili's do this during the lunch rush. I was filling up my cart on the app to order, and all of sudden it says "that restaurant isn't available".


Doing the lords work that’s how it’s supposed to be done


I have ordered pickup for myself and they would say the food was ready while I was on the way to get it...then I had to wait another 10 mins or more for it. So its for sure the restaurants just saying food is ready before it is.


Same, got after a Japanese place once for putting that its ready, and yet they didn't put the plate together until I got there. I also don't bother with some restaurants special instructions because they always forget to update that its done, I just go in anyway.


Chick Fil A does this..... ALL. THE. TIME!!!!! Well, the one in Buffalo anyway They press that it's ready, and they haven't even started bagging it up yet, which takes them another 5 minutes. So who looks like the shithead??? The dasher of course


It should not take but a few seconds to bag an order


I've only had ONE restaurant do that which sent me the text stating the food was ready as soon as I accepted the order. This was at a Mexican restaurant that I've only had a couple orders from compared to the other restaurants. Ive also been to a lot of restaurants where the food was ready but I didn't get a notification that it was ready. I wonder if most places just don't care to use that option or more than likely too lazy to use that option?


I never get a notification. Is it because I blocked the doordash number?


Haha!!! So did I!!!


Came here to say this! Completely on the owner at this point. They opt in for DD, they receive the equipment and instructions on how to navigate the app. For this guy to say anything is crazy, because as the other restaraunts in your area could surely prove, it's totally possible to have drivers and stores work well together.


Yeah, sounds like they're just making shit up, instead of setting realistic expectations. We don't care how slow your restaurant is, as long as the pickup time reflects a realistic time that the order will actually be finished. The customer expects to wait longer than normal for their order than if they picked it up themselves. Dashers do not.


As someone who worked in a 2-3 man kitchen at a successful local joint, sometimes it’s hard to time out tickets once the board fills up. But clicking “Order is Ready” too early is negligence and having bad timing on non-peak hours is also just baffling


I've never seen any of these notifications? I assumed you were supposed to get there ASAP. Is this the "pickup by [time]" thing I see?


I've only seen them in stacked orders, where the second order has a note saying "will be ready around 'insert time'" but that gives you time to go get the first order and it SHOULD be ready by then.


What an idiot comment from owner. Doordash sends us messages when we are not headed to store. Maybe you shouldn't use doordash platform if yiu can't handle the time speed


Yup. It’s called Door DASH for a reason. Gotta be quick.


Maybe that's how they threaten all their customers. I don't understand why an owner would ever respond like that to a review. It's my honest take on the situation.


Its because they dont see dashers as customers. They dont care how long they keep dashers waiting. We are the customer's proxy. They should give us the same respect as any other customer. In restaurants like this we are the last to be served among anyone else.


Yeah for real dude they got way too defensive about it. Like, as a restaurant, people are going to occasionally leave you a shitty review. How you respond, or don't respond, to thar review says a lot about the management.


Yeah I had a glitch the other day where the app thought I wasn't moving when I was. It unassigned the order. It's not like we have a choice about when to show up.


Oh crap I just went to their Google page and see a buuuunch of reviews in the last few minutes and it's just copy/paste from the owner. This is insane.


I just checked several of their negative reviews and they are honestly despicable. Using the 'we've been struggling for months because of COVID, your review can hurt us' excuse is the most pathetic thing a restaurant can do. If they are acting like this now, imagine how they were like pre-pandemic. Oh they also resort to calling people dishonest, making stuff up, and whatnot. - - UPDATE *3 hours later: Personally, I haven't left any reviews. I am, however, observing a string of recent negative reviews along with responses from the owner and it appears the restaurant owner is aware and actively responding. Initially, they responded with threats of reporting dashers while simultaneously claiming the original dasher who left their negative review is an "angry dasher" who is mad that he is in trouble at his "job" with doordash (see quote below). "After receiving an inappropriate review from a door dasher we don't find it coincidence to receive these reviews shortly after that original review being deleted. You have been reported to google and doordash. It would be innappropriate to leave a poor review for a restaurant because you were angry that your friend is in trouble at his job with doordash." - This response was common when the negative reviews first started coming in. - However, they have now changed their response to the following below: "If your review is legitimate we would welcome constructive criticism. However we are currently the subject of a cancel culture campaign from an angry door dasher. We appreciate all that doordash does and welcome legitimate concerns or constructive ways things can operate better. We would encourage any that feel the need to join this to contact doordash and we can have a meaningful conversation with them." Very mature response "Cancel culture"... Anyhow, it appears now that the owner is taking on a more "professional" approach to recent reviews. Link to reviews: https://www.google.com/search?q=Pizza+Pie+Cafe+240+N+2nd+E%2C+Rexburg%2C+ID+83440%2C+United+States&rlz=1C1CHBF_enCA778CA778&sxsrf=ALeKk00lakgnqe9S9uTF27TlMpU844A1lQ%3A1622664665328&ei=2eW3YOKyE8Tp_QbWrIXYAQ&oq=Pizza+Pie+Cafe+240+N+2nd+E%2C+Rexburg%2C+ID+83440%2C+United+States&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAM6BwgAEEcQsANQkz5Ykz5gxUNoAXACeACAAYwBiAHdAZIBAzEuMZgBAKABAqABAaoBB2d3cy13aXrIAQjAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwiig9334PnwAhXEdN8KHVZWARsQ4dUDCA4&uact=5#lrd=0x53540a4ffbe6fa55:0x7a8b7663ec4e9354,1,,,


Jesus. Kinda makes me want to leave a negative review even though I’ve never been


I did by telling them that they're unprofessional with delivery drivers. They told me they're reporting me to Google and DoorDash. Whelp 🤷 Oh well


Hahaha I saw that. I will be reporting you to the cyber police too!


The consequences will never be the same!


update us if you get deactivated over that


I'll keep you posted


It’s like a pizza buffet, most comparable pizza quality from another chain would probably be Little Caesar’s. It’s good if you’re broke (and in HS they used to do $5 buffet entry on Fridays during lunch for the students), but dashing from there is a horrible idea.


That’s not ethical but I kinda want to leave a star too.


Do it


Just checked their Yelp, looks like they’ve only replied to positive reviews. Maybe they just deleted their other responses after seeing this Reddit post? Or screenshot isn’t from Yelp?


It’s on Google Reviews


I see them now thanks man


It's funny honestly. I hope the original dasher had filed a formal complaint against this restaurant. Or if not he does soon. You can call doordash support and they will personally file a formal complaint against any restaurant that acts unprofessional. They will take down all the information and the doordash team will actually follow through with making sure the restaurant is straightened out. And trust me they will get there shit together especially if it's a corporate business. If it's not then they probably won't be getting anymore doordashes.


>we are currently the subject of a cancel culture campaign from an angry door dasher. r/PersecutionFetish


Reminds me of a negative review I left for a dentist once - he was pushing me to get a crown made of newer materials because they had a machine in their lab. The problem was that I had done some research, found out that the material was very hard, had issues with being opposite a crown of a different material (which it would have been), and wasn't proved to be a long lasting material. When I gave him my objections, he got visibly upset and said something about people doing TOO much research. It was my first time there and I wasn't going to go back. I felt it was high pressure sales for cosmetic work (in addition to the crown issue) and the dentist was unprofessional about how he communicated issues. So I left a review. About a month later, he sent a letter firing me as a client/patient. Yah think?


Send him a response Kettering, too late....already fired you as my dentist 4 months ago. Next line: You can't fire a customer dumb ass, but, they sure can fire you and go to another dentist .


>However we are currently the subject of a cancel culture campaign from an angry door dasher. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuck. That's funny.


Now for real. Everyone who posted a bad review because of a reddit post isnt even one percent better in humanity then what the post shows itself...


Agree to this one.


"Cancel culture" is all I need to hear to get a pretty good read on this asshole


I think they're taking down reviews cuz the review numbers are going down, at least on my screen. That's why I am rating the pizza places around the same place like Dominos, Little Casesrs and Papa Johns 5 stars so they can't take it down. Good on them for not being human rats.


reminds me of this [classic](https://www.eater.com/2015/7/10/8928887/kitchen-nightmares-amys-baking-company-shutter)


I love how they consider any review that's critical of their business to be inappropriate.


🤣😂 TF DoorDash gonna do about this person's "unprofessionalism"?! 😂🤣


Owner is a moron. Doordash doesn’t tell us when the order is ready, the point of “door dash” is to pick up food that is ready to be picked up!


Exactly. I was wondering when they started marking orders as ready. That doesn't exist on doordash at all.


It does exist, in my area at least. Not every restaurant does it but I have at least 5-6 of my regulars I pick up from that it will send me a notification saying “Blanks order is ready for pickup from Blank Blank. Please go pick up-“ etc


Interesting, I’ve got messages like that before but it was only after I picked up the food. Never have I experienced accepting an order and waiting for the app to tell me the food is ready.


Yeah a few places in my area have the feature but neglect to mark them ready on time, but I know the area enough by now not to wait at those places I just walk in and pick it up. But there’s a few that actually do how they’re supposed to


That's true. I get that from like 3 stores telling me the order is ready for Pickup. But that particular store doesn't do that.


Oh yeah I get that. Not shitting on you by any means the owner was the unprofessional ass in this situation. But just letting you know it exists, & the restaurants that have started doing this are my faves because the order is ALWAYS ready when I get there


Same here. Like 3 restaurants do it out of hundreds here. (I'm probably off a bit, but seems like only 3)


They have the option to, they are just too lazy to do it... If he thinks his dashers get there to early he needs to change the pickup time for later...


Salad Works uses the "order ready" system religiously in my area. It's great


They didn't like my review "We are currently the subject of a cancel culture campaign from an angry Door Dasher."


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I died laughing after seeing that.


Y'all look at their most recent Google reviews. Y'all are funny af. I'm getting in on this lmao


The bug in the crust has me rolling-


That one is my favorite


What about the 17 roaches? Lmao


That one wasn't there earlier but I love it too. Also the "I also had diarrhea" 🤣😂


If I listened to the pick up time for every restaurant I would make 5 bucks an hour


Whoever left the bug in the crust review, he is particularly upset with you hahaha "After receiving an inappropriate review from a door dasher we don't find it coincidence to receive these reviews shortly after that original review being deleted. You have been reported to google and doordash. It would be innappropriate to leave a poor review for a restaurant because you were angry that your friend is in trouble at his job with doordash. Your review is particularly slanderous, you never spoke to the owner about a bug in your crust. Leaving a false review claiming something like that is ridiculous. Whether or not you are involved with the gentleman that left a poor review that worked for doordash is irrelevant. You never spoke to the owner, he is rarely here and none of the managers or employees spoke with you either. Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself."


How does he even know op is in trouble with his job at door dash ? Lmao


He reported him to Doordash. Might not help that OP put his real name on Google reviews


Yea but he doesn’t know that door dash did anything?


I'm sure the support agen told the owner that the Dasher would be flogged and butfuxked. But I'm more than sure OP hasn't even gotten an email from dd explaining the altercation. If the agents lie to us, they will definitely lie to merchants


I love how they admit that the owner is rarely there.


Can't agree with those types of reviews. It's one thing to talk about treatment of a fellow driver but it's one thing to lie about an experience you had.


Restaurant owners/managers who gaslight people...never seen that before 🙄


Wow their responses are incredibly defensive. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Maybe if they spent more time making food instead of rudely responding to reviews, they wouldn’t be in mess in the first place


Lol the 1 stars review comment section is getting pretty interesting 🍿. Love how we all are united for a fair/honest cause🙏


He's doing copy/paste responses to all the 1 star reviews saying how the 1 stars in response to the one bad review are "inappropriate".


So I guess people from this sub are leaving reviews and they said they are “happy to talk to your superiors at doordash” to one guy 😂😂😂😂 they must not know how independent contractors work


Lol, yeah, like DoorDash even knows who they are, much less cares about one place getting bad reviews.


Lmao ikr. And even if we weren’t independent, doordash would still not give af and would disregard this owner lmao


They are welcome to remove me from their tablet: I'm never going to Idaho anyhow 😂


30 minutes? For Pizza? Good lord, silliness aside, they're doing something seriously wrong if that's the norm


It’s not that far out of the ordinary - especially if it’s a brick oven type place. You can only fit so many pies in the oven. If the oven is full, well, the next six orders are going to take 30 minutes. Don’t know what else to tell you. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Which is why it is especially important for those places to know how to run their tablet.


Hes gonna go cry to someone about his business sucking. Lol. Funny


They accused me of being unprofessional with an unprofessional response. I can bet I wasn't too early. I waited in my car till the pickup time, yet I still had to wait for more than 20 minutes 🤣. Now, I don't mind waiting because I could just unassign the order and move on. But I have every right to leave a review because Google maps asked me. And now they are threatening me instead of improving their service.


Bruh I would respond and say they are supposed to program a big enough delay for them to make the food before sending out the order, and I will be contacting doordash to have the store removed from the platform because they aren't trying to streamline anything.


They literally can't find your information 🤣 you're fine don't worry.


The OP marked out the name. A lot of people use their real name in their Google account. If you’re sending any kind of “professional” emails, you’re more than likely going to use your real name. Pretty easy to find with that.


Yeah and it’s interesting how literally over 90 percent of the other stores have the order ready within 3 minutes of getting there


If the restaurant owner doesn’t want complaints, they need to stop selecting a 15 minute ETA for orders that won’t be ready for 45 minutes.


That reply is extremely unprofessional and it's only gonna make less dashers want to pickup from there. Going out of their way to try to get a Dasher fired or something.


The owner is selectively vindictive. I died reading some of the comments 🤣


That's stupid. There's no excuse for pizza to take that long and it's definitely the store's fault. Other pizza places will have the pizza at your door in 30 minutes. There's no reason to make a dasher wait around for 30 minutes to even begin the delivery.


This bickering is exactly what Tony wants. Keep the drivers and owners arguing about which one of them is worse, meanwhile, DoorDash continues to rake both over the coals.


You guys are SAVAGE 😂 currently reading reviews.


Their page is sooo full of passive aggressive response to one star ratings lmaooooo. I would say we should all go 1 star bomb them but they probably would get all the negative reviews removed.


do 2-3 star reviews. Personally, I read comments than just rely on the stars in the first place.


Honestly, I don't think doordash can do anything about it other than make it so you don't get orders there anymore. Which is a win-win. Who waits that long for food? Wait... top dashers do. Nevermind. The same type of people that wait 10 minutes at McDonald's. Lol. In the future though I would just say you deliver food for a living. Make the platform anonymous and they can't target you specifically. They really gonna take the time to call every 3rd party app and ask for you? Lmao.


Owner just showed their true colors right there lol


Reading g some of the other 1 star reviews he has responded to in the past, the guy seems like a giant douche. One guy said there was no pizza when he arrived the owner responded "did you eat it?" Who the hell responds like that?!


You did the right thing calling him out. People do it all the time anyways I don't see what makes this any different. I do the same too on Google lol!




The way I've heard it the restaurant is supposed to give an estimate of time for when something should be ready but I'm not sure if that's a fixed time for every order or they can change that time each time they accept an order to adjust for crowd size, etc. So this is on the restaurant and door dash.


I have a local pizza shop that does the same thing. They can’t pull this card though because in the directions it always states “order will not be started until driver arrives at store”. It’s too bad because generally the orders are good pay, low distance, the owner is a very friendly guy, you just have to sit there for a long time.


... what?! Why?!


Good luck to them with that policy, lol.


What a dumb name for a business.


Y’all really made them create a copy paste statement....ruthless haha


We are contacting doordash about your professionalism 😂😂😂😂


"Maybe you are showing up too early" lol. They have no idea how DD even works and even if they did they cant handle delivery if it takes 30+ minutes just for food prep. That means nearly an hour or more for actual delivery. Maybe their pizzas are really good which is why it takes a while to make but they likely cant have both worlds then.


I left a bad review. No shame whatsoever. Terrible service


Me too lol


Haha. He answered. He is a justice keyboard warrior. You would think he would be busy running a bussiness


So a 30 minute ticket time is normal for dine in customers too. Someone needs to get their kitchen in order.


Owner doesn’t know how doordash works


This owner is just pissed because he is so greedy that he only hires minimum wage people and you get what you pay for good people just not properly motivated --if I was making min wage I would be a slow-motion robot and really not care about much...........I do feel like the min wage workers are jealous of dashers.....


After dashing in Idaho Falls, this isn't really surprising. Lot of ignorant people in that part of the country.


Hey f$$kem...😂😂


Go look at their responses to everyone’s reviews on google (won’t be surprised if it’s all deleted soon). These are the type of restaurants that shouldn’t be around any longer if that’s how they treat customers and dd drivers. Pathetic.


Everyone! Go write a replica review 😂


"We are currently the subject of a cancel culture campaign from an angry door dasher" Ok buddy cancel culture...right... not your shittty service lmao


"We are contacting doordash about your unprofessionalism." Ironically this kind of makes the Cafe sound like the unprofessional one here. Owner sounds miserable.


Why doesn't everyone just jump on whatever review system you use and destroy restaurants (like this one, shitty ones) ratings? We could drop them to 1* in no time. No more waiting for orders because there wouldn't be any. Just share the restaurant and address and boom.


I been reading some legit reviews for the past 30 mins and I can only conclude they are legit rats. The theme between all of their complains are: 1. Customer got sick 2. Customer found the place and food safety practices disgusting and unacceptable. 3. Customer got ignored or yelled at. ​ Also since the owners are so smug about being "professional" and better than everyone else in every review. ​ Here's their support email I will be harassing, I suggest you do to ;) [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])


There's a restaurant in my area that is notorious for mishandling orders. They'll mark it ready as soon as they receive it, or they'll completely neglect the DD screen, pull the order when you arrive, make you stand around for 15 minutes, then tell you that they just received the order. The last time I went there I gave Door Dash negative feedback on the merchant. I don't know if the merchant saw what I wrote, but they'll never see me again.


You're not allowed to dash here anymore!


I wasn't planning to accept orders from there for any reason.


Another knuckle dragging manager that doesn't know how to operate their tablet to set a delay before calling for Dashers.


Luis Gomez whoever you are, the bug comment had me rolling 😂


Edit your Google Maps review to respond back to the owner


Some stores/restaurants are just assholes. They purposefully take their time with online orders.


Sounds like this guy may be going out of business with the way he responded to you.


I recently moved from Arizona to Oklahoma. Some restaurants in Oklahoma don’t start the order until I arrive. Most orders take almost an hour no matter how fast I drive (got my first speeding ticket here) because of how far the customer lives from the restaurant. This is unheard of in Arizona! I went from making $40 an hour to $12.


I left a nice review under the name Skippy Nurdlewitz.


Rather then fix the problem of requesting dashers before food is ready they want us to waste our time. This past weekend on the holiday every store in the Atlanta market was running late. My completion rate was around 86% so didn’t want to drop an order at the time waited an hour for the kitchen to make food. Well tony rewards me with a contract violation wtf 🤬?


I enjoy Jersey mikes / jimmy johns where ALL in store orders are made before online / delivery orders quite awesome continuously getting pushed to back of the end of line


I’m about to make 3 other google accounts and go off.


doesnt understand delivery, im so sorry i would NEVERpick up from your place just because you suck


You literally can get a contract violation and LOSE YOUR JOB if you don’t show up hastily. What the hell is this owner on?


I only wait 10 minutes max and then it gets dropped. Also how would they even know what dasher wrote that review? I love how a company blames the reviewer and doesn't fix what the review is about especially when it's honest.


I ignore all Popeyes except is $20 or more which never happen. I also ignore McDonald’s and Panda Express orders after 8pm because of wait time. And McDonald’s must have gotten a lot of poor reviews from dashers perhaps customers food going to waist because no dasher comes to get them. So, now McDonald’s has two third party pickup spot for dashers and UE and when we arrive, we call and they bring the food out. So yes, it’s good you posted that restaurant hopefully dashers will decline all of their orders. When the restaurant start losing money over prepped food with no dasher to pick up, they would have to make some changes. I don’t even know why some restaurants join online food delivery services if they can’t handle the flow. Customers order through third party food like DD and UE apps cause their drivers are fast and efficient plus they can order from miles away. If they aren’t ready for a fast pace work scenario why join third party food delivery system? Personally 10 minutes is the longest I will wait and that’s only if the prize is right. If it’s not, I don’t wait at all. There are too many orders out there to waist my time on a lazy ass restaurant.




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Ehhh i kinda see both points. Wait times are there for a reason, and if you show up early, theres a good chance the order isn't done yet. Hell I've had dashers show up right as the order has printed for us before. HOWEVER. A 30 minute wait is absolute bull. This owner deserves the flak he's getting.


I've got your back. I left a 1 star review for them on Google. If the other Redditers on here would help instead of upvoting we could stop this resturaunt for good


Whoever put I dropped my salad knife and fell on it. I desperately crawled to the owner and asked him to send an ambulance but all he said was, "After receiving an inappropriate review from a door dasher we don't find it coincidence to receive these reviews shortly after that original review being deleted. You have been reported to google and doordash. It would be innappropriate to leave a poor review for a restaurant because you were angry that your friend is in trouble at his job with doordash." You're amazing


I just left them a crap review lol


I wasn't going to rate them but then I saw a review from a couple months ago of a customer state that there wasn't any pizzas there. The owner replied: "Did you eat it\[pizza\]." ​ Now that's a "professional" responses if I ever seen one. Now because of that comment I am going to give the owner a very "professional" review :).


I haven’t had any issues with Pizza Pie Cafe in Pocatello. I wonder what they’re doing differently in Rexburg.


unprofessionalism at its finest...


Angelo's in Pueblo CO is the same way. I always have a long wait with them, even when there are barely any customers there. My first time delivering for them I had a 20 minute wait when there were only two tables with customers.


man, that's SE Idaho business owners for ya.


Be careful doing this shit I did it to a lady and she blocked me from the high paying orders even tho she was a ***** and blocked me from her husband's restaurant across the way too!!


Yup same here in FL wait time is crazy


No way I’ve dashed from that exact location before. The rib store in the backdoor takes forever.


Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise was horrible too! The person at the counter was super rude and didn't understand that I had a double order. She wouldn't release the food until both orders were ready so a customers food was sitting for like 20-25 mins. Also every time they forgot the parmesan and pepper flakes. I had to tell the customers that they didn't give me those with their orders and I think that's what hurt my tips. I won't take deliveries from hipster pizza places anymore after that.


If you cant make pizzas fast enough for door dash then dont accept doordash or similar orders, thats what my restaurant had to do


That’s bs. Restaurants can have it set up so it calls a driver at the appropriate time. I go to dine in restaurants that always have the orders ready on time. In my opinion restaurants that can’t have the orders ready on time or early shouldn’t be using these apps. We don’t get paid by the hour. They need to hire their own drivers.


Well hopefully “COVID” finishes the job and puts this miserable place out of business for good, for good measure. It certainly would be COVID’s fault and not the fault of the obviously shitty owner. 🙄


Obviously this is a call for us all to visit their yelp page and leave the appropriate type of review....


Lmao, who did this one? "I went here to pick up an order. The wait staff greeted me and told me to wait aside for my order. The owner then comes out and proceeds to punch me in the face repeatedly and then gets my car towed, alleging that I was too handsome. The food was pretty good though, I would consider ordering from here again had I not been punched in the face by the owner"


Drivers being early is often the fault of the restaurant not setting the preparation time correctly. I've had to wait up to 40 minutes at a small local place and I vowed never to take an order there again, especially after seeing one driver pick up two different orders during my wait. Went there again recently to see if they had fixed their timings, but I still waited a good 25 minutes. ​ I've had other restaurants tell me they tried setting the timer right but it was going too early, no idea if that's an actual glitch or just them covering their ass


I did this. Unprofessionalism https://imgur.com/gallery/1p9mDOF


Absolutely zero places in my area use the ready button. But some are better than others about setting their ready timer. Sounds like this owner needs some education on the tablet.


I DoorDash in Logan, UT. I posted a similar review for our pizza pie cafe here to as order can take up to 30 minutes. I got the same BS response.


fuck em


Idk about doordash but I've had postmates and ubereats drivers show up like 2 minutes after the order comes through tryna get all pushy with the host, and im all yo, wait


Like Doordash is going to do anything about a Google Review.


I have accepted orders, arrived at the restaurant within ten minutes only to find that the pickup time is another ten minutes longer. Sometimes it's ready earlier than expected. I don't think the app will show you the pickup time on the initial screen. It's just a part of the game we play with Door Dash.


Been reading their reviews on Yelp too. Apparently the ones on Google are being taken down as new ones pop. According to customers long before this incident happens, the "manager" is rude. Damn. He or she needs to learn how to take constructive criticisms and learn from there instead of threatening and throwing sarcastic remarks at negative reviewers. I am surprised by the attitude of the owner 😵


Well what the fuck else are we supposed to do? Not wait?


Background. This is at BYU-I and I can confirm this store is slow AF. Rexburg is in the middle of goddamn nowhere though. When I was up there I only dashed from like one or two stores, the rest took too much time.


Lol Reddit’s going to give them a reality check 😂


best comment on there is : I dropped my salad knife and fell on it. I desperately crawled to the owner and asked him to send an ambulance but all he said was, "After receiving an inappropriate review from a door dasher we don't find it coincidence to receive these reviews shortly after that original review being deleted. You have been reported to google and doordash. It would be innappropriate to leave a poor review for a restaurant because you were angry that your friend is in trouble at his job with doordash."


Oh my god all of the reviews on there since this was posted hahahaha Coming back to say... 1 star reviews go back YEARS holy shit


Looks like they took all recent reviews off


I'm betting many restaurants dont start making the food until you arrive, this way, if the order is never picked up, they still get the food price form door dash, and they arent out any food costs. win win. for them....


I understand that the comment they made about the dasher was a little too far. I just wanted to put some insight of what it’s like to work at food places where we have ubereats(I understand this is doordash but it sounds like what the owner is saying is similar). We have a tablet at the subway I work at that lets us know when we get an order. After getting the order we obviously make it as soon as possible and then on the tablet there is an option to mark it as “ready for pickup”. The owner probably doesn’t know the ins and outs of the app and doesn’t know that there isn’t a way for us to know if it’s “ready” without us asking. The owner definitely shouldn’t of commented as harsh but I feel like some people that dash(of any other food deliver gig)don’t understand how it is to work at fast food(or just with food in general)


LMAO. I went to their google reviews and y’all went off. Owner is so butthurt. I mean just look https://imgur.com/gallery/n5TbH69


This is gold 🤣🤣


Lol I’m gonna have to do this, might make me feel better!


Excuse me? When I accept the order from your place it says "pickup by X:XX" that means the order should be ready at that time. You're the one not meeting your obligation, not me.


I’ve let customers know when a particular restaurant has been unprofessional. For instance I remember a Wendy’s drive through worker told me to pull to the side ahead of the window, waited 20 minutes pulled back around to get a status update only to be yelled at for not pulling up to the window and I was kind and respectful up to that point but talked back to them saying a customer tipping me well has been waiting 30 minutes. I immediately texted my customer about to let them know their unprofessionalism is causing the wait.


Reddit army ain't nothing to fuck with


Imagine thinking dashers get orders right when they're placed. XD


Let's all blow up his inbox :)


Oof. Some of the management responses to previous valid criticism. Surprised they are still in business today to be honest.


Does DoorDash even give restaurants enough time to prepare the orders before sending the order to a dasher? Not trying to side with the owner, but I have had instances where I got matched to the delivery not long after the restaurant got the order. Very unfair to the restaurants and us Dashers


where was this posted? i looked on yelp and dont see your review.