feel played

feel played


LOL I always love when I’ve been sitting for 90 minutes waiting for orders. Just when your time is about to be up, they pop up the “your area is busy if you want to keep dashing and earn more money” notification.


The reason is because "busy in your area" isn't based on order volume. It's based on DD having less drivers logged in than what they have room for in schedule. It's based solely on scheduling capacity. Always has been. That's why it's always "busy" on bad weather days when a lot of drivers decide not to drive.


During a snowstorm on Super Bowl Sunday this year, Doordash told me it was very busy. And it was, because you know, the Super Bowl. I checked it and it was like $8 peak pay. Who was the idiot to go out and make like $80? Yep, that's me, sliding around in the snow and ice.


3+8=11 so you did what, 7 deliveries?


It was 5, actually, so pretty much. I'm not a fan of driving in shitty weather, even if it is for money (and I was without a job at that point) so I made it a quick run. Glad I took my mom's AWD Escape that night, I ended up skidding through a couple red lights cuz I hate driving in snow.


Lmao. Bike dashers probably cry when it snow storms


Considering my city is only about 35 square miles, with a decent amount of elevation change, I can only imagine. I will admit I've never seen one around the city, let alone any other cities I've been in with Doordash...maybe my trip to Martha's Vineyard will change that.


I picked up an order and went to my car and it was stuck in snow. Even being an suv I couldn’t get it to budge. After I was sure it wasn’t moving I called support and explained that they should send another driver and why. Naturally they counted it against my completion rate.


Against, of course. I mean, technically, it was your choice to go out, but like, "damn Jackie, I can't control the weather!"


80$ with 8$ peak? Is that high where you live?


$8 peak I have never seen, most we get here $1.25 peak pay 🥸


Super bowl sunday plus snow. It gets cray. I had like 6$ peak on a normal Monday due to snow. Most days are +3$ around dinner time. It's all about market yo


It's higher than usual, for sure. Highest I've seen when the weather is decent is about $3, and that's almost always after midnight when all the big money making orders (TGI Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, etc) are closed, and the only things still open are fast food, i.e. McDonalds, Wendy's, maybe Dunkin Donuts if you're lucky.


And the lines be long af so they paying for the wait time after 12 lmao


And then they get pissy when we're late with the food - who's choice was it again?


I text those fu*ckers right away -“ hey there’s 10 cars ahead of me. I’ll Be awhile” thinking they’ll feel bad about it


And then the "can't you make the line move faster? You don't have priority cuz it's MY food?"


ABS braking going haywire @ 10mph around every turn, it's great for your car's longevity!! i did this too, even got stuck trying to go up a hill for 45 mins after my last delivery. fun times!!!


That would explain why the app always says it’s busy at like 2am but rarely says the same during lunch time.


This. DD is just looking to have extra organ grinder monkeys on hand to suit THEIR NEEDS and not ours... there should a rule: IF you are asked to stay on as your dash ends and you do for at least an hour with no dashes then DD must give you $10 for your time.


I honestly cant stand these orders that take me out of my zone and then the apps yells at me that im out of the zone. Well no shit, you took me here.


I've often ended my dash and started a new one out of the zone. Bump it. People in a neighboring zone obviously want food from DD let's make it happen.


Unless your delivery is nowhere any restaurant area


I get that but usually when I go outside of the zone in my area I'm in another one. There's a few exceptions, of course.


!!!!!! Its so f*cked


I never listen to their bs. I just Dash when I know it will be busy.


Don’t forget that the order you do get is $3 for a 9 mile delivery.


I been out here 45 minutes and have done 1 order☹️


Sat in a peak pay hot spot for a little over an hour last night. Not one order came through. Fun stuff.


I find more orders come in when I’m driving, so I drive up and down on the frontage road between 2 exits and I know I’ll at least get Chipotle lol


Did that briefly with Postmates awhile back. Not a fan.


Yup. And then you see dasher after and dasher enter the nearest restaurant and you start to get frustrated that you aren’t getting anything.


They’re the ones taking the $2 orders so we keep getting them


The feeling ever


Dash when you know it’s busy, DoorDash are a bunch of liars 😂


Guys, seems this topic always comes back up, so I'll repeat what I know for the ones who haven't heard the explanation yet. The "BUSY/VERY BUSY" on the map absolutely 100% is NOT based on order volume. Not in any way, shape, or form. This is based solely on schedule availability. Simply put, if there are less drivers logged in than what DD has forecast, then an area lights up as "busy". The more drivers it needs to log in, the more it considers an area "very busy". That's it.


“Very busy” means 30 Walmart orders


I like to watch the Walmart orders duel it out with the PetSmart orders.


You think waiting 15 minutes is bad? Try waiting for 40 for an order bc you desperately need the money lol 😔


This is so true,I've waited hours getting non stop 3 dollar offers,I dash for bills but 3 dollars nty


I mean if you aren’t getting orders for hours upon hours you might be better off taking some of those cheap ones.


I take 5 to 6 dollar order all the time,I just feel.if you don't tip you don't deserve delivery


No tip no delivery. If majority of us do that maybe they’ll get the point.


Good luck with that where I am. I turned down $24 worth of cheap orders and made $30 in a 2 hour timeframe. I refuse to do them on sheer principal but it's frustrating when that's all that comes up. People are cheap as hell.


Does it get you in trouble to decline a lot of orders?


No there is no acceptance minimum just completion minimum


This isn’t all about the customer tho. DD is totally depending on them to tip so they don’t have to.


Fair point


Not when they are 8 miles one way. Or are 20 minute waits.


Stand your ground


Not a doordasher, and I mean no offence and am just curious, but why not use a bunch of food delivery apps at once to avoid that? Why not use Ubereats, skip, and dd at the same time? Sorry just curious lol


It's a mix of not going thru with downloading the apps and hearing about the negatives about the other apps that turn me away. I do wanna give uber eats a try bc it seems to be more popular than door dash, just gotta remember to actually give it a shot lol


UE is as bad as DD here


I was picking up last night when another mid age lady came in looking a little nervous. I overheard her asking the staff person how to do something on the app because it was her first night. So I offered to help had walked her through it. This was actually her first pickup. She said she was excited and hoped it would work out. I fought hard to hide the “don’t get your hopes up” face. I thought to myself I hope to run into her again in a couple months. Who knows? It may be perfect for her


I boasted about a 100% acceptance rate when I first started and the guy chuckled. Took me a few months to realize I can make more and work less by declining lowball offers lol.


A few months?.... hence your moniker?


Care to elaborate?


You must have been half asleep if it took you a few months....


Oh uh… sure, why not lol we can go with that. Working 12hr shifts daily, then spending another 4 to help my dad with his landscaping business—_kiiinda_ made it hard to dash whenever I wanted. But sure, let’s presume I guess lol.


Happened to me twice last week.


They always do this they just want to have enough drivers on the road and that’s it just to fill when it gets busy


Just like in a restaurant prepare for it to be crazy busy and it usually won't be but you can send people home if you don't then it's a mad house and your not going to be able to get anyone to come into work. Difference here is that DD doesnt have to pay labor cost.


Yeah everything this app says is a lie. Hotspots = lie “Busy” or “very busy” = lie “Are you sure you want to end your dash? We need dashers until 12am 😢” = lie


That last one hurts. They damn well know 90% of restaurants are closed. Just want you stay for that one Taco Bell at 2Am


They're letting too many people sign up to dash. That's my theory anyways.


Also more people wanting to go out with pandemic easing and nicer weather.


and ppl just having good old fashioned cookouts too


And freedom DD brings because regular 9-5s suck phallus


This morning


__TL;DR: feels a lot worse lately. Anyone else experiencing no orders for hours? Literally 6hrs last night, just to get nothing. I’ve been so desperate for orders I might just accept the lowball offers lol.__ Seems like things got worse for me lately, despite my ratings going up. I’ll get thrown a $4 order and if I decline it, it’s like they don’t give me anything after that until a few hours later. Was active for over 6hrs yesterday and got nothing. Been bicycling around in pain and skipping meals just to keep my phone on. Also to save for an E-bike to attend some free classes to qualify for my dream job (oil refinery). Even more discouraging when local homeless shelters don’t accept single males my age, denied financial benefits, and being turned down a job. Every place I applied for ends up saying “oh we actually don’t need anyone, thanks though.” Working helps distract me from the depression as well as feeling like I have a purpose. Fortunately at least have music to somewhat fill that void. I won’t give up.


How far are the classes? Can you bike there with what you have now? Spend your down time finding productive and healthy ways to deal with your depression. Distracting yourself only causes the situation to worsen the longer you leave it unattended.


It’s about 45min by car, and 5hrs by bicycle. I was told by another subreddit that my bike is pretty bad to be using for DoorDash—hence the pain in my knees. It’s heavy, clunky, and I guess meant for tricks or something? Spent a few weeks saving cans to get a bike and that was the cheapest option ($60 used) compared to the more suitable ones ($400-$1,000+ used). And yeah, I was lucky to at least get free medical benefits and was working on a medication plan with a psychiatrist. It’s a long story, but to sum it up, he just quit checking in out of nowhere. I feel no different from the past several years so it didn’t negatively impact me. Throwing on music and taking a ride or walk helps prevent panic attacks from escalating. Sorry for typing a lot. I need to work on summing things up better.


First, you have nothing to apologize for. You are a person who has flesh, blood, feelings, and so on like everyone else. You're trying to survive and shouldn’t apologize. Your feelings aren't useless or irrelevant. You have ups and downs just like the next person. The difference: You aren't allowing your present situation to cripple you and that alone makes you more admirable than most. I am sorry you were tossed aside like that. You have a lot to say and it's better to let it out than to hold it in. Have you thought about blogging or vlogging? You never know who is waiting to hear about you and can help. You never know who you can help as you continue your journey. I wish you nothing but the best as you go forward. (If you choose to blog/vlog I'd like to follow you.) If I were in a better situation I'd try to help.


Thanks a ton for the kind words. It means a lot. 🖤 Similarly to vlogging, I make music to vent. Idk how but it was only for myself to listen to but someone saw a song of mine and wrote a blog about it. Got like an extra 2,000 plays from it. But then… the same person got me on 4 underground stations the other week and I reached 40,000 overall! It just sucks cuz idk how or why it jumped like that. Since it was my way to vent, I’m constantly feeling like I have nothing to live for. I just tell myself I’m a joke if I think I could turn music into a career. So I’m just hopeful that I stick to my current goals until I can record songs again. And no worries, your reply alone is just as valuable. So thank you for simply listening. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I know it can’t be like this forever as long as I’m alive and hopeful.


Well, if you progressed from 2,000 to 40,000 that means people like you. Stop thinking of your passion as a joke and start taking yourself seriously. You have help and an open door (a person who recognizes your talent and is willing to promote you and 4 stations is no small feat). Take the limits off of yourself.


Are you using multiple apps? I made $100 at lunch from Uber Eats yesterday and $16 from DoorDash. It just depends on the day, and widening your order pool is super nice for consistency.


Edit: sorry for typing a lot. But pretty much I used to but haven’t been able to since I don’t have a car anymore. DD was the only one not to deactivate me or request info to keep working. I used to be signed up with just about every delivery service. DoorDash is the only one not to deactivate me for not having a car anymore. I tried to sign up again, but I guess I can’t use a bike in my area because it’s not popular enough or something. I forget what they said exactly but somewhere along the lines of that. I’m just hoping it’s temporary because when I did have a car, I was hitting my goals on both DD and GH. Then life happened and I’m tryna work my way back. I’m sure I can do it if I focus up.


Never had a $100 lunch from either. Lunch is like 1.5 hrs


I get orders pretty consistently from 10-2.


W due respect why are we hearing that they can’t find enough workers for jobs? Esp service industry stuff?


I’m not sure I understand correctly?


I wait at the most 30 minutes before moving to a new area.




That’s wild. I miss postmates


Welcome to Burbank. Every Dash is outside of my zone. We need to get paid extra for that garbage. If DD wants me to deliver food 5-10 miles out of my zone then I should get an extra $5-10 to drive back. Cheap SOBs


Curse this nice weather


Lol, I was just singing "Rain, rain, come and stay."


The rainy days suck but they are the most profitable


…and vaccinations. (Joke)


I got on last night for dinner. No orders for 30 minutes but plenty of notifications about other zones around me being busy..


I made $26 today after 3 deliveries in 5 hours


I feel your pain!


Why would u at this point not just go to the profitable area at first?


well, the area that’s busy is a college town that tips poorly. I’ve made the mistake of doing that a couple times. Ended up making nowhere near as much with the gas I wasted. On top of that, my reviews tanked while dashing in the college town & the restaurants were always busy so I wasted more time waiting on the orders




this is exactly why i haven't been able to dash for weeks


This is sooooooo good


Literally me right now sitting in the chili’s parking lot




I never get any orders when I go to hotspots but can be at my house and get tons.


Well at least you have your outfit complete for the day 🤡


and the order they give you 10+ miles away happens to be $3


My favorite is accepting in a zone that they says is busy only to find out that there's 5 hotspots on the opposite end of the zone and when you get there they're either gone or moved again. I chased so many hot spots that night and got frustrated and ended my dash only to find out the zone was actually dead altogether and the hotspot was maybe 1-2 orders.


Happened to me today, after one $9 order I got nothing for 30 minutes so I ended my dash.


If u have less than a 1000 deliveries under your belt, quit while ur ahead, the algorithm only favors veterans, I have zero issue hitting my goal im not even top dasher


I have to disagree w you on that. It’s obvious to us here that there rarely throw Vets a bone because we cherry pick too much. We know the ends and ours-of which there are none


I finally get an order but it’s for three dollars


Ford busy even matter any more when the payouts are $2-3?


I dont understand why door dash has people go pick up an order then take it to another town and have u drive back to ur zone. Wouldn't it make sense to have a dasher go get the order from the zone it was ordered in , theyre only making 2 trips instead of 3.


You can’t get a order from another area if you’re in a zone.


If your area is slow enough, the app will start showing you orders from other zones.


Especially if you are on the border. If I end up to far out of zone, I just end and restart in that zone. Or just go home.


You clearly know nothing lol they send me orders from another area all the time.


So you’re complaining about driving somewhere for orders?


No, I made a meme. No ones complaining but you lol


Not true