Had a good instructional flight today until it Ended with a fuel problem miles away. Lost all fuel pressure and oil pressure killing the engine shortly after. Had to force land in a field. Video isn’t great but figured it would be informational to some people on here of a fpv of a emergency landing

Had a good instructional flight today until it Ended with a fuel problem miles away. Lost all fuel pressure and oil pressure killing the engine shortly after. Had to force land in a field. Video isn’t great but figured it would be informational to some people on here of a fpv of a emergency landing

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Well executed by the instructor. Props to her for keeping her cool and walking away!


Hopefully the props you’re giving her spin


Someone give this person a high five


I'm on it.


But open toe shoes? Not only can they get caught under the pedals, they’re not really suited for off-airport landings. Every flight school I’ve trained at required closed-toe shoes. EDIT: Downvote me all you want, but open-toe footwear is not appropriate for forced landings, plain and simple.


I’ve gone back country and climbed mountains in these shoes. They’re strapped to my feet and are sturdy. Closed toe might be a better choice, but these are not a bad one.


Nice landing - you can be my CFI any time! Good work.


Although I get what you are saying, that seems like a blanket statement that doesn't seem to apply to those shoes. Sandles and flip flops don't make sense. Open toe shoes like hers are probably fine. Especially considering they are strapped to her feet. They aren't going to get stuck under the pedals any more than slip in shoes. And they are okay of airport. And they'll be way more comfortable on hot days. I'm also someone who thinks dress codes are bullshit. I like GM's approach, "dress appropriately." Of course, it's a little different if a uniform is required (police or ATP). But if a uniform isn't required, let the people wearing the cloths figure it out. And if they don't, have a good manager who can sit down and have a person to person discussion.


I disagree, but that’s my opinion. I wouldn’t want to make an off-airport landing in those. Getting poked with sticks/pine needles, walking through tall grass, getting sand/dirt stuck between your feet and the shoes, in between your toes… That will make even a short walk very uncomfortable. “Dress appropriately”. I personally don’t think those shoes are appropriate for off-airport landings.


Haha what?! Have you never walked outdoors with open toed shoes on? I’ll walk away from an off-airport landing barefoot and naked if it means I walk away unscathed.


Of course, but strolling around downtown in flip flops is much different than walking out of an airplane that you had to put down in a field. Not every forced landing is as gentle as this one. How is this such a foreign concept to some of you?? I think any of us would do anything to guarantee we walk away unscathed. But that’s the thing, that’s never guaranteed.


I don't get what shoes has to do with this? As long as what you wear is attached to your foot then its fine. I've seen a bunch of glider pilots fly wearing sandals because shit gets hot, and we land in grass 99% of the time. A bit of dirt/sand between your feet and getting pricked by some grass is really not that bad.


Weird hill to die on


Looks like they worked fine for an off field landing you curmudgeon.


uhh I walk barefoot outside all summer, you must be a city boy


Through fire?


I don't know what most tennis shoes are made of, but a lot of times breathable athletic clothing is quite flammable and will melt to your skin. You very will may be better off barefoot if walking through fire. Because you wont have a burning blob of polyester stuck to you foot at the end.


😂😂 will make sure to pass on the memo next time the instructor wants to do an emergency landing.. 🗣NO SANDLES


The real issue here is if she stubbed her toes on the rudder pedals. Then what?


I think that's the point you pull the chute man.


Yep, that was literally my first thought. Dress for egress.


I showed up to my first flight lesson wearing sandals and was told, “Never wear shoes you wouldn’t be comfortable doing a lot of walking in.” I’d say most women’s sandals are more decorative than functional (at least mine are) so I’ve only worn sneakers since then.


The shoes I'm most comfortable walking in are the shoes I'm least capable of flying in, as they give no feel on the rudder pedals. I know some pilots fly barefoot so they can feel the pedals better.


this video would seem to prove you wrong.


I don't think anyone who survives an off-airport landing will give a flying-fuck about the type of shoes they're wearing. How about taking food and water and a first-aid kit with you instead of complaining about the freaking type of shoes ffs.


What do you want to be wearing when the airplane is upside down and burning? Not open anything'd shoes.


Do you wear a nomex suit when you fly? It's all about tradeoffs between comfort and safety. ​ edit: a word


Nah. Just wear shoes- its not like sneakers are high heels. A little protection can be a huge difference. I speak from experience- was the difference between a bruise and a bone-exposing crush gash requiring a helicopter ride out of a remote work camp.


What kind of converse are you buying that prevent a bone-exposing crush gash?


You'd be surprised how the edge of a 12×12×16 timber slides on skin...


If your shoes have polyester in them you may well be better off not wearing them. (and a lot of athletic shoes do) Not only will it burn, but it will melt to your skin while doing so. So it will keep burning once you egress the fire and do a lot more damage.


I fly in bare feet.


For a non pilot, what is that scat jazz trumpet noise?


Stall horn


Is it air driven vs electronically or mechanically driven? Gotta say, sounds pretty hilarious to me lol


It’s just a reed that air blows past and it makes the scat jazz trumpet noise or whatever you call it. That’s why you get different degrees of annoying scat jazz based on how close to stall you are. The electrical ones are typically on or off with no change in how loud they are.


Tonight's band is Mr. Stall Horn and the Laminar Five.


When their new track drops, it drops like a rock


On most of these smaller planes, it’s a tab that hits a switch based on airspeed. Edit: Not based on Airspeed, but AOA.


Not airspeed, the switch is placed not far from the stagnation line. As angle of attack goes up, it can detect when the stagnation line has moved so far that the sensor is now on the other side of it. It triggers when air is flowing past it going up (over the wing) instead of down (under the wing) at that point.


Thanks! This single engine/small plane is a whole new world to me. I’m a prior CN/235 and Rotary guy 😅


Oh my god- when you’ve done something long enough sometimes you forget what’s completely obvious to you is a brand new concept to someone else. The first time I watched, I heard a gradually more aggressive stall horn. After your comment, I heard a really shitty but enthusiastic jazz player willing them to a safe landing. I’m crying laughing now!!


The planes landed a gig in a really smoky underground jazz bar in New Orleans next week


SKEEBA BAP POP!!! *[scary jazz noises intensify]*




Holy hell you have no idea what you’ve started here lol. I only wish I was still instructing just so whenever I had a student who got too slow accidentally and it went off I could belt out, “I’m a scat man!” Be ba ba badum bum”


Haha. I’m glad to have make this important contribution to the aviation industry.


Hahaha this will now be how I describe the sound to new students


The eternal soul of Sun Ra, who claimed to be an alien sharing jazz here on earth, who now flies with all light aircraft pilots to watch over them and get jazzy when things get hairy. All students learn how to summon his avant-garde solos for inspiration.


They were on their way to a soccer tournament. Guy in the back seat was still excited


Holy crap! Jazz trumpet noise gave me my biggest laugh of the day! Thank you.


This is the best description of the sound I have ever heard!


Stall warning


There was an indian man in the back charming a cobra with his flute idk what these guys are talking about but it definitely wasnt a "stall horn"


Glad you're both okay! Anything you would've done differently if you were to go through it again?


Not really everything was handled well my instructor did a very good job. Most important thing is to stay calm and focused.


With a phone out to video? To stay calm?


I wasn’t in control my flight instructor was


For the clout obvioisly /j In all seriousness if something went wrong investigators could recover the footage. He was off the controls at that point and is basically a passenger.


You got downvoted to the Stone Age but I just want to say I agree with you. If you’re going down your full attention needs to be on that regardless who’s at the flight controls. It’s probably different in the Diamond but there’s usually stuff the other pilot could be doing or stuff the pilot flying doesn’t have access to. Radios, door may only be on one side, fuel selector valve may only be on one side. Glad it all worked out. Nice airplane.


DA20 has a canopy door, there are no fuel selectors (fuel isn’t stored in the wings), so really the only thing I can think of would be radios. That being said I agree with you that full attention should be spent on the ditching effort. The DA20 is a kite with benefits, super simple everything which makes it relatively easy in emergencies.


Where’s the fuel stored? Just curious. It’s a cool airplane it does look like a glider with an engine. Yeah and of course it’s different if it’s a CFI and a 5 hour pilot who wouldn’t know what to say on the radios anyways. But if it were a CFI and a commercial student or something there should some division of duties like hey I’ll do everything else, you talk to ATC.


I agree completely, and even if they’re not doing anything my instructions to passengers in emergencies is remove everything from your face, this would include phones. Attention is important! The fuel is stored underneath the baggage compartment, right behind the seats in the cockpit. It is a cool plane, very easy to fly! It also glides very well, I enjoyed flying the diamond. EDIT; Actually, it looks like a fair amount of emergency checklist items were not completed. The magnetos are still on, the Gen/bat was never turned off before touchdown. Things that could have been done.


The engine only quit under 1000ft before landing, we still had engine power until then. Not enough time to secure the engine. Master was on because I was still using flaps.


DA20 is a great plane to lose an engine in. Glad it worked out safely.


Yeah...my DPE didn't realize how far they could glide in the summer and I made it easily to a private strip he didn't know was close. :) I love the plane, and the DA40 too. But here in the swamp, flipping into the water/mud scares the everloving crap out of me with that single clamshell that would be held shut. I wouldn't go for water in it...


That’s what the little window is for. If you flip it, you can open that thing and yell really loud for help!


I really have to wonder how well the tiny emergency hammer would be able to break the canopy. Cirrus at least give you a full size ballpeen one.


Canopied pilots should carry a https://www.flyboyaccessories.com/Chisel-Style-Canopy-Breaker-p/2201.htm


There’s one in the plane already


Yeah, I've always had similar in a DA20 -- but my worry is upside down in a few feet of muddy swamp water/slime, where breaking the canopy isn't going to help much. There's a story of a guy in an RV (I think) that cut his way out of the thin aluminum fuselage in a similar situation, but not really an option in the DA20. In the DA20 I'd ideally pick either some form of non-water, or water that I'd guesstimate is at least deep enough to open the canopy. Tony (but actually semi-serious) with a video on the orange hammer and such: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxFRhJoCZTg ...in any case, I'd find some way to test using your tools, even if just on some spare webbing and similar acrylic from home depot.


What’s the glide radio on that? It looks more like a glider than an airplane.


11:1 Diamond started off making gliders and it's obvious much if the design has carried over.


I believe it actually is designed from a glider


The DA20 literally started development as a motorglider, it's almost difficult to make them STOP flying.


When I qualified in the DA20, one of my first thoughts was that it would make a terrible trainer. It's *too* easy to fly.


You're not wrong. On my first solo cross country, I was below a class C that I couldn't enter. I hit an updraft, nose down at Vno, engine at idle - and that thing was still climbing. I didn't think of slipping it at the time, but darn, I was sweating at the thought of busting a busy airspace on my first solo cross country. I think I had gained a couple of hundred feet and had like 500 feet to spare (it was years ago though, so I could be misremembering) when I finally broke free of the updraft and started descending again.


Ok, I’m kinda new to this. How do you tell what kind of plane it is?


The levers on the center console and the canopy latches are very distinct to the DA20.


They're probably familiar with it.


Saw this on the sheriffs Twitter today because I live in Oregon City and am currently a student at Aurora Flight Training. Glad everyone is okay! edit: Twitter, not the news


Could you send me the link to that post I want to see it!


https://twitter.com/clackcosheriff/status/1402771745254166532?s=21 https://www.facebook.com/385638251522068/posts/4072512636167926/?d=n


Idk why but the sheriff’s FB post is oddly wholesome


Name of the song?




lol, close


Yeah you're right, it was probably this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AySq-W8KXvw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AySq-W8KXvw)




“We’ll, that’s it!” Solid work by the instructor. Looks like she cleared the road and slipped that baby all the way down 🤟🏼


Heard you guys declare an emergency to ATC. Had a bad feeling when your instructor said you weren’t going to make the airport. Glad to see you both made it out ok.


Oh snap this happened shortly after I took off this morning. Glad to hear y’all are safe!


Only ways this could have ended better are if that fence wasn’t there, or you found an actual airport. Congrats on getting down safely.


What a fucking baller. Perfectly lands in a field after an engine failure and just says "well, that's it"


Text book, you and your instructor got some real experience today. Try and get the broken part and mount it on a plaque.


What's up with that vac gauge? Why is it installed sideways?




[This looks like it's canted about 60 degrees counterclockwise.](https://i.imgur.com/dgmzxZL.png) It also looks like it's not centered in the window, but that might be parallax from the camera.


Fuck me I was looking all over for it. Defo looks misaligned.


Those poor poor A20s. They bedazzled my poor Bose.


You mean those *lucky* A20s! If given the choice between ordinary and sparkly, I know what I’m choosing✨


Definitely, they're cool.




I too want a whistle to blow in when I'm tense. More tense I become THE STRONGER I WHISTLE! Where can I get one?


Damn my flight training is often done over water since my airfield is next to the coast. Wouldn't want to lose an engine there.


Look up AVWEB's videos on youtube. There is one where he discusses landing on the beach or breakers. Really interesting in terms of your survivability over water/beach


Was the video taken down? Not playing for me


Doesn't play on my mobile app but works on desktop for me


Works for me on desktop but not mobile for some reason.




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Even squawked 7700! Well done!


Good job! Learn as much as you can from the experience.


So other than that, how was the Discovery Flight?


That one was good!


Was the camera having a migraine?


Over exposed? Its a bug with iOS HDR recordings viewed on a chrome based browser. If you try Firefox it will look ok. You can also turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome and that fixes it, but I get tearing when scrolling fast, so its a balance between which issue I want.


Thanks. I learned something new today.


Nice forced landing. Please for the love of god people, dress to egress...... flying in sandals is not advised.


thats why i only wear these https://www.mypilotstore.com/mypilotstore/sep/12309 and make sure the laces are held tight with "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" pulls. and i always carry them with me in my Sportys flight bag so people know i'm a pilot.


Lol I actually have these shoes they are comfortable but the heel thing is a gimmick


People are giving this CFI who deadsticked into a field a hard time over sandals while this guy is out there flying in *Heelys*. smh


IDGAF. I'll happily suit up in a bomber jacket, Flying Eyes and Lift shoes to go fly a 182 to 10miles to get a burger from a place I could have driven to in half the time. I'm here for the lulz my dude.


Dress for the slide not for the ride


All Chuck's and Pumas so I can feel those rudder pedals.


I’ve gone back country and climbed mountains in these shoes. They’re strapped to my feet and are sturdy. Closed toe might be a better choice, but these are not a bad one.


And that was the cfi lmao. And to be fair I wore sandals once as a student and that's all it took to only ever wear shoes/sneakers


Yeah I know it was the CFI. Which makes it even more of a face palm.


You're not wrong Walter you're just an a-hole. Nice landing. That fence could really ruin your day at 40 knots.


Wild, glad you all are okay


Did many practice FL’s in DA20. great job getting it on the deck!


Nicely done!


That was an incredible lesson she learned that day. Keep flying the airplane. No sense freaking out while it's happening. Glad no one was harmed.


Welcome to the off-airport landing club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkXpJcb3wjM&t=5s


I don’t get everyone who’s upset with you recording the incident. I’m glad everything turned out okay. I’m surprised y’all left the ignition and master on, that’s a recipe for a post-crash fire. Is it not in the emergency checklist, or was there just not enough time to turn it off?


Ignition was still on because the engine only cut out right before landing, for much of the descent we still had some engine power. Master was on because I was still controlling the flaps before landing. I knew we’d have a soft(as soft as possible) landing so I was not afraid of my abilities to not cause too much damage to the plane. Yes it’s in the checklist, yes engine out happened below 1000 ft at which point you should be focused on the landing and not fiddling with buttons.


You did a great job. "Don't pay any attention to the critics - don't even ignore them." --Samuel Goldwyn


Makes sense. However, prior to touchdown you absolutely should flip 3 “buttons.” Ignition, master, and fuel shut off. It’s the same for every recip you’ll ever fly. Remove the source of spark and fuel. Stay safe out there


I’m honestly not sure this was my first instructional flight believe it or not so I really didn’t know what to do I did go through the whole shut off checklist however before I started recording. There was nothing I could do from there but hold on tight


I’m going out like I came in, jamming on my kazoo!


Good job to your instructor!!! Glad you guys are safe!


Well, all are OK and as a bonus the plane is easily disassembled for return!


Well done! Thankfully the bagpipes were not foreshadowing. :)


Great instructor!


/u/larsenkj77 Not a whole lot, but I pulled the audio from tower and app with coordinating other aircraft to fly over you. LiveATC's feeds were lacking reception so approach didnt have much. https://soundcloud.com/user-167728866-252687135/jun-09-2021-2000z


I watched the video this morning around four hours before a discovery flight in a DA20. It didn’t put me off at all and actually a lot of the comments made me more confident. Such a great stable aircraft


I've never experienced an emergency landing and I desperately hope nobody has to. But it's a great video and I'm very grateful to have endured your experience!! Thank you for sharing and super hats off to your Flight Instructor....


The Lion Sleeps Tonight -- A cover by *Stall Horn*


Am i the only one that sees a black screen with wind and stall horn noise lol


Someone else mentioned this, but it got buried in downvoted to hell. I’ll take a risk at the same and say that I think you should have put the cell phone away. Not because it made the situation any more dangerous; it sounds like you’re a relatively low-time student and your instructor was obviously more than capable of handling the situation, but I feel you should have paid more attention to what is probably the most valuable lesson you’ll ever get in aviation. That said, you did seemingly wait until near the very end before starting to film, but I think people generally don’t realize how much of their focus and concentration is lost while viewing the world through a 4” screen. Not to mention the time it took you to dig it out, etc. I don’t say this to criticize you, but as feedback for the future — focus on every part of your lesson. If you want any part of it recorded, get a GoPro or something similar. Glad you’re both safe, and I hope you still learned a lot; I would love to see more of a write-up (what altitude did you start at, how far away from an airport were you, what other options did you/your CFI consider for landing? How were the winds? Lastly, how long did it take for someone to come get you?


I understand that thought, but I don’t think that’s a big issue here. In this Situation the CFI was the PIC, so he had nothing to do at all other than watch and learn. And he clearly focused on the outside from watching the footage. But what really bugs me is the fact that he stepped on the controls while the other Pilot was PIC. It’s somehow understandable that he wants to help applying the brakes, but by doing this you also block all Rudder inputs for the PIC.


The only reason we stopped in time before flying through that fence was because I stepped on the brakes you will see we start stopping much faster once I do but yea that’s the reason I didn’t do it immediately but once I realized she needed a little extra force I did


It's recommended to have passengers record the crash while you do the landing. As PIC your job is to fly the plane and keeping passengers calm is part of that, videotaping the crash is a good way to keep them calm for exactly the reason you said: "much of their focus and concentration is lost while viewing the world through a 4” screen" there's nothing a student on their discovery flight can do to help a CFI, let alone in an emergency. As a new student there's not much to gain by just watching in an emergency landing, they're panicking too much to retain any info. for a more experienced student that's practiced emergency and soft field landings there's for sure some educational value to be had, but in this case I'm fully behind the instructors decision to have the student record it. Plus the added benefit of the PIC being able to rewatch the video later to see everything in slow motion to critique how they handled it, oh and for the karma lol.


Glad you’re safe. Any additional information on your thinking? Particularly why not landing on the road and leaving the master on. (Not criticizing, just looking for your thinking or oversights)


Power lines and cars. Road was thin easy to go off and hit something. Field was relatively smooth and the plane is not damaged structurally from what is visible


You didn’t hit the fence?


Obviously can't speak to what they were thinking, but road is narrow, has power lines parallel and probably across at intersections/ properties. Flight Aware: [https://flightaware.com/live/flight/map/N556DC/history/20210609/1930Z/KUAO/L%2045.14150%20-122.56886](https://flightaware.com/live/flight/map/N556DC/history/20210609/1930Z/KUAO/L%2045.14150%20-122.56886) Looks like this field: https://www.google.com/maps/@45.1411735,-122.5530369,634m/data=!3m1!1e3


Also has cars and people that aren't(quite rightly) expecting an aeroplane to descend on them from above, particularly a silent one with an engine out. A wingtip through a windshield at 60kts will kill a person.


Never flown a diamond, but Im guessing the flaps are electric. Wouldn't want to turn off the master early and not have use of your flaps if you need them.


Jup, they are electric. I did part of my CPL training in Diamonds, if I remember correctly they had the "master off" part only in the crash drill just prior to touchdown.


Rule one is fly the plane and get through as much as you can. That CFI flew the plane and hit the major part of fuel cut off. If you stall and spin but got the master off that would still be a slight issue.


My instructor always told me fields are a better landing spot than roads. Roads typically have cars, power lines, light poles, etc. Fields are just a little bumpy and you have more options to set yourself to use wind to your advantage and don't have to try and rush a road landing because a turn in coming up or you see grandma walking in your landing spot.


So one thing I took away from my experiences was that my CFI knew the area like the back of his hand. Sure he was constantly quizzing me “where would we go if xxx happened”, but that man spent so much time over the cities around our home field that he knew every overpass, power line, freeway etc. I made two engine out declared emergencies with him unfortunately. While I could have evaluated and tried to pick a good spot, he already knew where we were going at nearly all times. So for us, you and I, it may have been a toss up. I’m willing to bet that CFI had asked that question 100 times though and already knew where they were and what the conditions would be after talking it out 100 times as well.


When the ground is dry, farm fields are usually better than roads. It's soft and there are less obstacles. Roads usually have power lines, mailboxes, road signs and traffic. There's more to worry about on a road. If it is raining or flooded, or in an area where the fields are rock such as Arizona, then a road may be the better option.


Great job and all but why are you filming this?


Making a rule 3 exemption.


Thank you, oh merciful overlord.


A what


The subreddit has rules, technically this post doesn’t meet the requirements of rule 3. But it’s important and conversation-worthy enough by itself that there’s no point in removing it, so I assessed that an exemption to the rule can be made.


Hm, it's almost like that rule should be reconsidered so good content can be posted. Then some sort of community voting system could determine if said content is a good fit for the sub.


No, those voting systems don't really tend to work in the long run. I like it the way it is.


Good point. No website that allows users to post content and then lets other users determine the quality of the posts would ever survive. Doomed from the start.


I get the sarcasm, but relying exclusively on community voting results in subs becoming meccas for popular content and memes instead of the content the sub was created for. And what will happen is you have subs that start out different and converge. /r/aviation and /r/flying for example, without their nuances, would be competing instead of complimentary subs


Exactly. The trash rises to the top, and even if the site did ever thrive, you'd have to dig deeper and deeper down to find the good stuff. It'd be absolute madness!


Populism works for some things, but it doesn't work well for communities the larger they scale.


As the author of the rule, and long time observer of its effects, this sub would not be where it is today if we didn’t require a minimal level of thought to go into posts.


Agreed 100%.


>But it’s important and conversation-worthy enough by itself that there’s no point in removing it, As is probably the case for numerous posts you remove for this rule


Honestly, no. The rule, and the mod team for enforcing it, are the only reason this place is worth hanging out in. Otherwise it'd be a substance-free wasteland - and Instagram already exists for that.


LOL. If you could only see.


Is is that onerous to "include a relevant top-level comment to start conversation." ?


Oh my.


All I can say is that if I was in this situation and the person I was flying with pulled out their phone I’d lose my shit. How can you run check list, help, etc. when you have one hand and your concentration on filming a potential disaster? Poor form.


They aren't trying to restart a turbine using a QRH, chances are that everything was done by that point and the instructor had it under control. Wait did you think the person flying was also filming?


Magnetos still in on position, master still on, looks like other electronics still on. Definitely didn’t get through a forced landing checklist. Which the person in the left seat could have definitely helped with had they not had their phone out.


Does OP mention what level of training he is at? Someone close to their PPL checkride can probably help with a checklist. Someone on their intro flight is going to be near useless in that situation. In a forced landing the instructor doesn't have time to teach a student where to look for things or how to read the checklist. If the student isn't at a level where they know how to find and do everything in that checklist without help then they just become a distraction.


The video starts at a couple hundred feet. Depending on how high they were when the engine failed, they may very well have already done everything.


What checklists are you doing a couple hundred feet off the ground in a forced landing? That shit should have been done a LONG time ago.


I just think filming inside an cockpit is an unnecessary distraction and especially during a non normal situation.


You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but the instructor was focused on nothing but the landing. Unsure how you think the student filming is a distraction. It’s not like the phone was up in their face, or even above or in front of the instrument panel.


I highly doubt the CFI had any idea OP was filming. She must’ve had tunnel vision and adrenaline pumping in pure survival mode.


I don't get why you're down voted.


Because besides BUSH checks before landing, there’s literally nothing to do at that point but land.


what's a bush check? I tried google but even when there's an oil-fuel issue i don't think you're looking for old US presidents to fix it.


Brakes Undercarriage Switches Hatches. Switches - turn off anything that might cause a fire Hatches - open


Probably looking to see if there's any bush/other hazards like rocks to avoid on the ground


Lol nope. See my reply.


I don’t think it’s a phone, looks like it’s a go pro you can buy attachment to put them on your head or hat


Only thing I think she might have done differently is aimed the plane for the fence post. I'd rather hit the post and stop abruptly than have more momentum and go through the barbed wire. It's lucky you guys were low on momentum by that point in time. Granted this comes from flying gliders which sit much lower to the ground than any SEL airplane. Good job to her though! And to you for not freaking out. Edit: Seriously, multiple down votes? See my comment below - I'm trying to give people a heads up for the future so that they don't get decapitated by a barbed wire fence. https://www.news.com.au/national/trainee-pilot-decapitated-in-glider-crash/news-story/89249739cd94c4c68e06a14f234a7785