Optional Title Insurance

Optional Title Insurance


It's not a scam. You probably won't need it but in the event that someone else happens to own your house/land its on/etc that isn't the owner you are buying from it'll save your ass. I thought most mortgages required it, actually. Maybe that's a state-by-state thing.


Thanks for the advice


Nobody expects to use their title insurance until a previously unknown heir or ex-wife of a former owner shows up at the door with legal documents saying they own part of your property. Most people never need it and those are the people who say it's a scam. It's the few who get that wake up call and are prepared that are glad they did. I buy it every time I purchase a property.


Thanks for the advice!


I decided to get the title insurance as my house was built in 1956 and my title company mishandled so many things that I doubt they even looked at the title history. It would be just my luck to lose my house because they couldn't do their jobs.


How much is this insurance typically and does it last for the entire time you own your home? My LO brought this up but I wasn’t sure if it was worth jt


Do not skip this.