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Absolutely right. A point from a much stronger team in the group stage, especially considering it's your first game of the tournament is a fantastic result for Sweden


Definitely, crucial for us in order to get out of the group


Yep, 4 points will be enough. You've now got two chances to win games and go through.


Or just nil-nil the other 2 and shithouse the way through


Hey Portugal did that in 2016 and won so…..(the 3 draws part, not the 0-0 part)


The ultimate shithouse tournament win


They couldn't beat 04 Greece so they became 04 Greece


the thing that pisses me off about that tourny is my beloved Albania was in the same group as france for that tourny and we actually got a Win in that group and that was the only result we got. We still had 3 points tho at the end of the group and imo 1-2 sounds better than a team -0-3-0 going through


Thing is you give 2 teams at least 3p. Portugal gave all others just 1p


Is it? An argument could he made Portugal played better because they didn't lose in the group stage.


An argument could be made Portugal played better because they won the damn thing


Yeah, honestly, 0-3-0 sounds much better to me.


Because it is, if you lose 2 games you're giving 4 extra points out compared to 3 draws, this is a huge difference when you only play 3 games


It's 1-0-2


Cause you had a -2 goal difference


Due - Due intensifyes. =D


Exactly. Not beating one of them would be a massive failure


Not really. A loss against Slovakia would put them on 6 points, meaning that they and Spain go through assuming that Spain wins their remaining matches.


You realise it's not just the first and second team that goes through right?


It's a terrible result for my reddit euros bet thingy though. Barely won one yet haha


I'm kind of happy Reddit remind me to no bet real monney because I suxxx at beting. Except for the match BEL-RUS I lost all of my Reddit internet points :D


The result was fantastic for them, but it could've easily been 3-4 goals for Spain. Olsen really saved Sweden. I don't mind them playing with getting a point in mind, but they were far too easily milked in the midfield for that kind of play. If they had a solid defensive performance, then you could say "oh, that may be a tactic that would work when Sweden play against bigger teams", but I don't see them *getting away* too many times like they did tonight. Sweden got lucky + some great goalkeeping.


Sweden has showed countless times before that they are extremely well organised, this game doesn't change that. If anything it is a sign of strength that despite playing well below their usual level Sweden still got a point and created the most dangerous chances Sweden is very capable of improving from here and giving any team in the tournament problems, this team is much better on paper than the one that made the quarter finals in 2018


Getting Kulusevski and Svanberg back and hopefully playing Berg less will help us


At the same Sweden were the team that came closest to scoring and that too twice


Spain absolutely had some great chances all game apart from that spell of 20 mins or so at the start of the second half.


They did, but Sweden had the best 2 chances of the game. They really should have scored And really, Spain's best chance(Morata 1v1) came from a missed clearance from Lustig. Apart from that it was mostly crosses, not like they were cutting Sweden open




Spain had lots of chances too, they don’t all have to be 0.8+ xG chances. Spain wins comfortably 7/10 times I think.


Eh, most of those were half chances. xg stats say 2-1. to Spain and I agree, it could've had goals but it could've easily been a 1-1.


I mean there were chances from Bayern against Chelsea. For Barcelona against Inter, and for every team against Greece. This sort of play requires ‘luck’. Either defensively or by getting a lucky goal or two.


Good mindset. The first half so dreadful though


"Quick, sub off Isak so we can't score"


Isak had run plenty, it's very much possible he wanted his forwards to press a lot and isak was too tired for that


Isak said after the match he understood why he came off. It was as you said, Janne wanted the forwards to have energy to press.


Man Isak seems like a great teammate, didn’t even get mad at his teammate when he missed the sitter he set him up for and even encouraged him..


to be 21, having a great game, being subbed off. I have nothing but respect for the professionality he showed in the post-match interview.


He is going to be big big for you guys going forward


I'd love him at Spurs should Kane leave


Why would he downgrade to play for Spurs


Not always, but usually players priorities are to play for a big club fighting for trophies first. If that's not possible, then another club that can pay well. Pretty much the only reason out of form clubs in the PL all the way down to the bottom of the table gets these players. Although the player will tell you it's because they've "always wanted to play in the PL". From a quick google, he's on 19k. I don't know too many out of form clubs outside of the PL that can at least triple that.


Both Arsenal and spurs fans thinking he will sign for them when he's above their level.


Maybe because Arsenal and Spurs can both afford to pay him more. If you want to argue that Real Sociedad are the better team at the moment, fair enough, but Arsenal and Spurs are bigger teams


Not least because he might need his quality for closer games later in the tournament when they see more of the ball. After a long season and in draining conditions against a tough opponent, it's smart to not run one of his few real dangerous players into the ground.


Was literally the best sub he did the whole game yet people are complaining so much about it. Janne is tactically smart af


Fair enough, but our defense was in panic every time he got the ball. So relieved when he left


Yea, you just put on two new players with fresh legs in midfield. We had to reply with the same. In the last 20 minutes that would probably be what made us lose the game, and it was close in the last minutes where there was no energy left to defend for some players.


Problem is that Kulusevski and Svanberg both got Covid. Our midfield options were limited going in to the game.


More frustrating for us I’m sure ;) But it’s one of those things really where half of football has to be defence and yours was much better than our attack. If you had someone better along Isak you could have got more from this today.


As proven by our consistent "point-stealing" from much better sides, since Janne took over. He's a realistic coach with a limited squad from a small nation. Not Pep. His best sub this game was taking Isak out to maintain defensive workrate from the forwards since we were playing for 0-0 and yet people are screaming at him for subbing Isak out. This way we got our 1p AND rested Isak a bit for the remaining 2, more winnable, games.


Also keeps Isak fresh for next game, great sub


Exactly! Games where he can have a huge impact too.


I too don't understand why some people were calling it a bad sub. Good sub but incredibly boring.


Boring I 100% accept. Even if I disagree since everyone, especially smaller nations with less quality, cant aim to attack and posses vs everyone, defense is not something everyone enjoy.


If it was my country, I'd enjoy the hell out of that performance.


Yeah Im happy about it. I wont blame people for finding it boring but Im pragmatic enough to understand our limits and enjoy the big wins within context haha :D


Sweden may have been defensive, but that game wasn't boring at all.


I'm a nobobdy, but I thought that was a great performance by sweeden, the objective for the team is to get points and advance, mission accomplished for that game in my eyes.


Exactly. Not all good tactics are offensive. Or offensive vs every type of opponent


For someone who grew up watching 94 Sweden, I refuse to call Sweden a "small nation".


Well, in land mass we are one of the biggest countries in Europe at least lol. Bigger than Germany, but they have 80M inhabitants we have 10M


Added quote because I think it adds a bit of context "I'm happy with how we conduct the match. We met this kind of opposition last fall and were a little naive there. Dropped the ball in the wrong place and got hurt. I think we have washed that away today. Then I think we were a little too low in the first half. We moved around without being aggressive in the first half of the first half. It did not feel really good. But it is not the case that it rained goal chances for Spain even if they have a lot of ball, says Janne Andersson." (Lazy google translate) source: https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/vA0965/sverige-klarade-skrallpoang-trots-massiv-spansk-press


It can sometimes be frustrating, but deep down we all appreciate having a pragmatic coach.


If the alternative is Erik *Shining* Hamrén, then I'll take it!


I was watching the game with a friend, and halfway through the second half I turned to him and said "Man, don't you just wish we had Erik "The Football Terrorist" Hamrén as our coach right now?" before we both started laughing.


Janne is a terrorist as well but in the best way possible, we wouldn't have gotten points against Spain away if not for him.


Perfectly echoes Pia Sundhage. Perfect for our capabilities.


Queen Pia is a legend.


I hate when teams don't play to win, but it was a home game for Spain in EURO's in that heat and they are the favourites in the group so its justified, at this point Sweden and Spain are favourites to advance so both teams should be fine with this


Yeah, I don’t know why spain fans are so upset. They should still win the group


We have no goal scorer, I miss Villa and Torres. You guys played us just right, good job.


For such a great football nation as yours, new superstars will always come, don’t worry!


You sir, are very kind.


Thanks for the kind words, but it won't happen. Spain only had one historic chance and luckily we got 2 Euros and 1 WC. I am satisfied I got to live this in my life, and that my father also watched that. Many other countries with talented generations never see their teams lift trophies. But Spain's history in football is just failure, disappointment and more failure. We are no Germany, no France, no Italy, no Portugal, no Netherlands, no England. We are just worse and always have a lack of goal scorers.


> no England Hey, don't get yourself down *that* much!


Wow this comment seems like such a strange concept to me because I associate Spain with absolute greatness given that’s when I started watching


You guys really are 1 consistent #9 away from being brutal force again. I mean you still are.. but imagine you had a Haaland, Kane or something as a 9. Hell.. even Isak in your team would be SOOOO scary. Pedri and Co feeding a lethal 9, *shudders*


Those are my thoughts exactly haha seriously Isak would be sweeeet


Maybe Ferran as a false 9? Havent he done that somewhat decently before for clubs?


He might work but he has off games every so often.


Gerard Moreno would be fine. Cant believe he didnt start, looked a lot more dangerous with him on the pitch.


You won if Moreno started Im sure


I mean the groups this year are an absolute joke. Spain can finish 3rd and still go through, same with Sweden.


Yeah, its a shame. Not even the group of death is exciting, since all three teams will go through


It's still not guaranteed the third placed in that group can go through. They might get low points than other third teams in other group


Yeah, you’re right. They’d need to draw one of the two difficult games, but that doesn’t sound too unlikely.


If Sweden get a win against either Poland or Slovakia then they should pretty much be guaranteed to go through. Even in the 3rd place spots. Its what happened to us (Ireland) in euro 2016. Draw against Sweden and scabbed a late win against a weakened Italy that was already through on the last group game We lost to France in the next round but everyone went home happy


Yeah, bigger risk for one of the three teams in the group of death to not qualify than for us


The motivation, I'd like to think, was to reward a valiant minnow that couldn't quite get the job done, but really it's probably just an excuse to prevent big teams from falling out too early.


Motivation is simple, more games = more money (especially when it comes with that added benefit of helping the big teams from early missteps).


Yeah, I think so too.


At this point some of the results have convinced me that Hungary might just luck itself into the 3rd place.


I can’t see that happening tbh


Yeah I'd be surprised if they don't win the group tbh


1) Germany 2) Portugal 3) Hungary 4) France


The most likely 3rd to not be amongst the best 3rds is the one from the group of death. I think you'll be wrong. Losing to two of the three almost guarantees you're out.


No, they can't both finished 3rd, silly. 😛


They can do what??


Most of the groups this year have 3rd placed teams going into a separate pot where like 5 of them are going into the knockout rounds based on some ranking system.


Its the same as 2016, not really anything new.


I realize that my flair will make people discount what I'm saying, but no one should judge any team for how they play (as long as it's a legal way to play). It's a team's job to play in such a way that they can achieve the best outcome possible for them; it doesn't matter if they're home or away, the stronger or weaker team on paper, etc.; you play to get whatever result you need.


Yep, agree 100%


I am more upset with the complains that we played like shit or were boring, sure it was not our best neither but fuck we had the chances, Olsen truly saved your asses hard but what the hell are we supposed to do? Sweden had 2 good chances all game and then took off the player that made those chances, played for the draw and got it and I know why because its what tends to happen and it was the best for them, thats how it is but people saying how this were flashbacks of 2018 have no clue the WC was a mess with no manager and 0 soul plus an array of defensive mistakes...


Yeah, I thought you were pretty good. I did think you had a higher level in you though. I thought you would come out in the second half and increase the tempo, making it more difficult for us. Jordi Alba had a lot of responsibility in creating opportunities for your strikers. I think you were good, but I doubt you’d beat the top three or four countries unless you become more dangerous offensively. Lastly, your press when losing the ball was incredible. You constantly won the ball back within five seconds, which totally eradicated our hopes of having any chane of scoring in this game.


Its the same story few good chances start to get blocked more and more and then just keep trying to cross the ball from the corners of the box, only in the last 10 minutes or so they started to try those more deep passes behind the defenders. I knew you were gonna be the hardest team of the group but I expected at least a 1-0 or 2-1 so it was pretty frustrating but anyway its like others said qualifying in this Euro is pretty easy and both of us should have an easier time against Poland and Slovakia, specially you with Poland if Isak plays like today.


Yeah, I think you’ll win the group and us finish second


Lol you peeps from Sweden are too kind. Your comments on this thread congratulating your opponent and just being nice in general is something other people need to emulate.


I agree! :)


Those passes worked though, lots of good chances.


Thought you were excellent first half but unlucky / playing Morata up top. 2nd half you guys lost your way most of the match but the subs injected lots of directness. People don't appreciate how fucking tough that Sweden team is to break down but Spain cut through them almost at will at times. Just lacked the finish / some luck. If Ansu Fati wasn't injured this'd be an entirely different tournament for Spain I swear


They failed to win a match they utterly dominated. They have a right to be a bit upset lol


Sure, but it isn’t too awful, since they’ll still win the group.


But they did play to win


Fina fina Janne


Sweden are not used to the heat, Spain got that sun buff


They played at home in the hottest city in Spain during the summer. Just wait until we reschedule our World Cup qualifier vs them to Kiruna in January. +32°C? We go for -32°C. Edit: At least they'd get to stay at the famous Ice Hotel :)


Reminds me of Östersund - Arsenal. Östersund called on the public via Facebook to help them shovel snow from the stadium.


[Tromsø - Chelsea 97' - Hold my beer.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hs7JDDBvDI)


Me playing Subbuteo as a kid: "why would anyone use a red ball?" This video: "that's why"


Exactly. They’d cry for months about the cold!


"The ball is frozen solid" "I can't feel my limbs" "Where is the grass? This is just ice!" "There are 0 hours of sunlight" I can already hear the excuses in my head.


Since Bolivia is allowed to deprive their opponents of oxygen by playing 3.500m above sea level, is there any rule actually preventing Sweden from hosting their matches in a frozen hellscape?


As long as the arena is up to standard I don't see why not. Maybe there's a rule you have to play at your national arena though.


There isn’t! Major footballing nations host their games all over the country. Many countries don’t even have a national arena. What are you waiting for, Sweden?


Time to play in Umea!


Bring them to Lombia IP.


Norway to build their national stadium in Hammerfest.




The US made a Central American country play in the snow a few years ago.


Costa Rica. They wanted to keep playing because they thought they had a chance to win, then complained about the snow when they lost


We make Mexico play there too. Columbus is great for that but the US forgets that most of our players play in *Western/Central Europe too not Scandinavia


TIL Scandinavia is not Europe


tbh we Scandinavians always make a distinction between Scandinavia and the continent :)


Yeah, but that's just because you guys are weird. :-D


I didn't mean it in that way, at least the elite European leagues all take place in hot areas (except England) and that's where most exports choose to play


You come over here today and tell me england isn’t a hot country! Fat Barry’s got his tits out and everything


Yes and no. Sweden can play their matches wherever they like as long as the venue meets certain requirements, however UEFA has laws against winter venues. Teams with stadiums in "hard winter venues" can not play at home in march and november. (Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands) The advantage of playing somewhere far north like Östersund, Murmansk, Tromsø and Svalbard is far smaller when those games are in june/september/october.


”Who the fuck thought these were acceptable standards”


Norway should start playing in Narvik and Hammerfest.


Nah, both Narvik and Hammerfest is by the coast and therefore not THAT cold. We should play in Kautokeino or Karasjok which lies on the Finnmark plateau. There you’ll regularly see - 30-40 temperatures.


If you do it, don't half-arse it. There is certainly an area on Svalbard big enough to build a stadium on.


The Spanish players looked exhausted in the second half, so probably not benefiting them either. Also the pitch looked quite awful with many patches of basically no grass. Spanish people know Sevilla is the city to avoid during peak summer. No one feels comfortable out there. I wonder how will they survive in the 6 PM match next week.


Sweden playing in Russia the next games and Spain in Spain is actually really good for Sweden and not perfect for Spain


Bilbao would have been great. Not as hot, nice pitch and grass quality, fans closer to players thanks to lack of athletics tracks.


I swear people must think spanish people are born out of fire, the heat is the same for both teams lol many of the players play in the PL or Bundesliga


I'm a Swede and I went to Barcelona. Me and my family were all enjoying the hot weather wearing shorts and tshirt while among the local populace some were wearing WINTER JACKETS. There is a huge difference.


I love Janne ball, reminds me Queiroz but with a bit less AFC/Middle Eastern grass rolling and time wasting which we love to do from time to time Yes Olsen bailed them out but to go 90 minutes with so little of the ball and keep your two banks of four, maintaining and covering runs is very difficult. Fantastic point that can be built upon against Poland and Slovakia where they will be more open. Also keepers are a part of the team, that's the good thing about having a top last line of defence!


> time wasting I mean we did manage to get a yellow card for time wasting in the 50th minute lol.


I guess I missed that yellow lol. But we go to extreme levels during major comps


Probably should have Lustig sent off for time wasting already in the first half... I dont complain though.


Sweden's defensive lines under Janne are straighter than how I'm walking right now. Military level stuff.


> Military level stuff. He even had Ibra acting humble and talking up the "collective and discipline" shit when he was with the team. Party-Janne got the locker-room in his hand!


Sad we didnt get to see Zlatan this tournament. Really feel like Janne is a great manager for Zlatan. He doesnt give him anything for free just because he is who he is and I think Zlatan respects that. Compared to Hamrén who had no backbone and just gave him anything he wanted. No way he is gonna respect a coach like that. He also looked like he got along really well with all the young talent we have right now who all look up to him.


Yeah I think so too. Zlatan also tends to respect results. Janne has gotten them in plenty. Janne is such an enigma in general. He's so boringly nice and swedish in media and philosophy but he is also know to blow a fuse and be heated as fuck, while being rigid and stern as a leader. A proper man-manager.


The man knows how to properly scowl.


It makes me really sad that Zlatan was not able to play. Would have been a great last national team appearance, in his fairytale of a career.


Agreed would have been really exciting to see him and Isak together!


This is Zlatan a freak of nature physically and more importantly mentally we're talking about. He can definitely play in the world cup next year.


That's why I still think Quieroz would have been a safer bet for us if we go on to qualify for the World Cup. Rueda plays too aggressive for my liking in all games no matter the opponent.


Olsen made some great saves but Isak forced a goalline clearance from Llorente, so it's not like chances were completely one-sided. Sweden should be (and will be) extremely proud of a well-earned point.


good man


There is parking the bus and making bo attempt at winning, and then there is parking the bus and trying the counter and even be threatening. I feel Sweden did the latter, they defended so well.


We tried to counter until the last 15 minutes, we were too tired to even try to counter by then


I feel like we tried to counter until we took off Isak, then we changed the tactics and fully went for the 0-0. Totally justified in my eyes since the players really were starting to get tired.


And also Sweden got a bit offensive (well, offensive is a strong word but a tiny bit more attacking) when they had momentum just before Isak got changed, I was really afraid our Midfield would get over eager attacking and be countered by Spain and let a goal in like that. I think that's why he took Isak out as well.


Yeah they definitely could have won had they not whiffed their chance. What else could you ask of the coach?


I've been delivering leaflets in 20 degree heat and I'm totally drained it takes me a day to recover so I can understand the principle.


He's absolutely right. You do not get a trophy for playing the most beautiful football. Play the tournament, not the game. No matter how bitchy others are, Greece is and will always be the 2004 EC champions. How they played is irrelevant.


First time?


He's totally right. That idiot commentator on ITV saying he can't understand why Sweden haven't changed tactics? Probably because they had the best 2 chances of the game and on another day would have won.


for sure. While it might be a bit boring a team from the north like Sweden going to 32 degree heat in Spain to play Spain you can't expect them to win or even draw. gj


They took the beating the entire match and survived. Good job.


Nor should you be. You play to your strengths. Spain will be sused out by a better team later in the tournament. Leave that to those sides, and just do your thing. If someone can't break you down, that's their fuckin' problem. Not yours. Well earned draw and Isak is an incredible young talent.


Hate this idea that there is a "right way" to win in football. Makes me love Simeone and Mourinho that much more.


Well said. Its ignorant as hell too since not every club or nation have the same resources. ALso funny that you mention Simeone since he's a student of Svennis, whos famous for his 442 :D


It’s such an elitist mindset. Fuckem. Football is about winning/surviving. You get points anyway you can.


Yeah I'm sure all Newcastle fans agree with you


But it's also about entertainment.


It's a major tournament that happens once every 4 years (ish) and some of these players might only get one chance at this. They're playing to do as well in the tournament as they can not to make it fun for neutrals


I found Swedens defending and Spain's ineptitude in the final 3rd very entertaining


I enjoy shithousery and defensive performances from an objectively weaker team with lower expectations.


Not everyones idea of entertainment is 1000 sideway passes tho


Are you saying a good old Simeone cuntfest is boring?


If anything, watching Spain play bores me to tears.


I approve this statement.


He is correct


He’s right but only because it worked which needed quite a bit of luck and a Spanish team being somewhat generic and having Morata.


It’s spain that should be ashamed


This extra 3rd place qualifying has ruined the group stage


Even without that Sweden would have gone for 0-0. They would "just" have to draw and win in the next games against Slovakia and Poland, which is doable to be 2nd.


A man of culture.


Du gamla, du fria….. Heja Sverige! Mycket bra.


No shame for Sweden. You do what you gotta do. Spain should be embarrassed, though, they had their chances and didn't convert. That always was going to be their problem.


I thought Sweden were excellent, disciplined and organized. Commentary were fawning over Spain and their 'domination', but who cares about possession and passing without chances and goals? Olsen made some excellent saves, but Isak had a shot cleared off the line onto the post; Spain didn't do enough to win.


Or as they say... "CONCACAF'd XD!!"


What’s more, they had the better chances


Totally justified tactical approach and one which nearly earned them all 3 points on 2 occasions. Good point for them


There's nothing shameful in playing defensively, it's a system that has pros and cons for both your team and the opponent, just like any other.


Don't hate the playa hate the game. There's no rules against parking the bus.